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The good folks over at are giving away (yes, I said ‘free') their DSLR Cinematography Guide – tho you do have to give them your name and email address. This is great for those of you just picking up a Canon Rebel T2i/550D (reviews) or maybe a Canon EOS 60D.

“Get a 100-page eBook of the “astonishingly detailed and useful” DSLR Cinematography Guide FREE – Filmmaker Magazine called The DSLR Cinematography Guide “astonishingly detailed and useful” at launch. Now the guide is updated, expanded, and professionally designed into a proper eBook. Including the eBook-only bonus chapters, it’s now over a hundred pages long! This new PDF is printable, portable, and more comprehensive — but it’s still absolutely free. This marks the official launch of the NoFilmSchool newsletter, which will simply email you once a week with site updates and will also occasionally ping you with tips and tricks on digital filmmaking (and how to start an independent career).”

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Koo, the owner of NoFilmSchool sent us this email several weeks ago (and yes, I'm so far behind on emails it is just sad!)

I wanted to let you know that I'm giving away a 100-page eBook of my DSLR Cinematography Guide totally free on my site NoFilmSchool. I think your readers will definitely be interested. It's mostly a beginner's guide and only covers a small percentage of the equipment that's out there, so I see it as complementary to your site. Please take a look and if you think it's something that your readers will want to know about, please help me spread the word!

Why am I giving it away free? I'm going to be mounting a crowdfunding campaign for my first feature film soon, so I'm giving the eBook away free in an effort to build an audience. As you can imagine, when it comes to fundraising for a DIY feature film, the more contacts you have, the better.

What, exactly, does The DSLR Cinematography Guide focus on? “How to make beautiful, inexpensive movies using a DSLR.” Anyone who currently owns a DSLR, or is thinking about buying one, should be able to benefit from the guide.

When you get the PDF, I think you’ll be surprised that I’m giving such an eBook away free. It looks good. It reads good. Damn! I mean it reads “well.” Am I crazy for giving it away free? No, I just think audience-building is of paramount importance for independent creatives, and I’m setting out to build one via all available methods. Once you get the eBook, let me know what you think in the comments. Enjoy!


I've read thru the DSLR Cinematography Guide and found it quite valuable. Aimed mostly at beginners, it does have some good refreshers for intermediate shooters and you just may pick up a tidbit you didn't know before! Here's the table of contents.

DLSR Cinematography Guide Contents

I do encourage you to give the DSLR Cinematography Guide a read – and the weekly email that Koo sends out often has valuable input as well so don't be afraid you'll be getting a bunch of unwanted spam.

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  1. Yeah I’ve following his site for a few weeks now. He has a lot of great information for people trying to pull off a production without breaking the budget. Been browsing his DSLR guide as well and its really well formated. Great refresher 🙂

  2. Thanks for this. I didn’t know about that site yet. I agree with EmrysRoberts, some great articles on his site. Not the same as many others out there.


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