Filming James Cameron & Arnold Schwarzenegger with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II

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Brodie Butler sent us his article (via the planet5D forums) on how a good friend of his just filmed James Cameron & Arnold Schwarzenegger for a political ad with Canon HDSLRs (or as Canon loves to call them HD-DSLRs). You can read the whole story over on Brodie's blog and there are behind the scenes photos and more over there.

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A small snippet from the article.

The Director of Photography on to take charge of this project was Guy Livneh. Guy told me they decided to go with a HDSLR as the turnaround time for post production was much quicker with one of these cameras than say a RED at 4K. It suited the project. Guy also stated they chose the 5DMKII over the 7D due the sensor, which all you HDSLR users would probably be nodding at right about now. For those that don’t the 5DMKII has a larger (full-frame) sensor which helps for a shorter depth of field and a more film-like characteristics when shooting.


Please go read the whole story!

(Photo credit: snap from the video)

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