David Myrick – beautiful Canon EOS 5D Mark II music videos

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David Myrick is a Director of Photography with some incredible eyes – you may remember him from an earlier post “Alice and the Canon EOS 5D Mark II” and he's submitted two new videos that are getting a lot of attention!

Redrock Micro

I shot this with long time friend and director Dugan O'neal… This was a very personal project between the two of us… Brandon Hirzel did the effects and stop motion… We did this whole video on location in Monterey California and Big Sur… The Big Sur location was a big part of the video… It is a place we both grew up going to and a place that nobody can shoot in… We stole the location!!! It was a super wild ride… helicopters circling us during the shoot and rangers chasing us down… We still seemed to pull it off..

This too was a low budget project that we brought all creative powers to… The whole video was shot with a 7d with canon L series lenses… Brian from Redrock Micro supplied us with all camera support needed… Since we were so run and gun we had to have a super small package and rig… Thanks to their help they always seem to make me a rig for what ever job I have… This video has had the most amazing response of any video I have done… Director Dugan Oneal (www.duganoneal.tv) Visual effects Brandon Hirzel (www.bemo.tv)

David Myrick shoots the Big Sur Coastline on the ESKMO while Dugan O'neal over sees the shoot... shoot Photo By Brice Matson


I shot this with director/actor Shannyn Sossman (IMDB)… She is a pretty famous actress… I have worked with her on some of her other personal projects… We had a tight budget on this project… And she wanted a original look and a vintage feel… I used panty hose for the look of this video… we put them over the lens to make a dreamy look…

Brian from Redrock micro gave us the support to rig the panty hose and the basic camera support… Using the panty hose on film cameras and red cameras in the past you would always put the material between the lens and film plane… With this process on the war paint video we decided to put them in front of the lens and stretch them in different ways to create different lighting effects.. When the lens was back lit it would do some really amazing organic double image halo…. (SOMETHING AMAZING)… We shot this video on the 5D and used all canon L series lenses..

War paint... Director Shannyn Sossman

War paint - David Myrick behind the camera

So, what do you think? Good music, good video? Sound off in the comments!

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