“Create the Film Look” – training with a deadline of Friday

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I have to admit I'm way behind in processing the ton of incoming emails and this one is a bit late – but there's still time if you're interested in this training – the deadline to sign up is Friday – Nov 19th at midnight EST. There isn't much time and so I'm rushing this out now in case you have any interest. “Creating the film look” isn't specifically HDSLR tuned, but if you're making a movie, you may have an interest.

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I have not seen this training material so I don't have anything to tell you about the quality – but I have seen the other DVDs that Den has been involved with (Philip Bloom etc) and they have been of high quality. Please view the materials Den has posted and make your decision about getting involved with this.


This is a ‘one-time-only' opportunity to get access to the best “INTERACTIVE PRO-FILM MAKING FOUNDATION PROGRAM” on the planet.

This 4 week intensive online video program is not only interactive , but you get a full six months of access once we're done. And after 30 days you can download the entire training and keep it forever. There's 4 modules:

Film Look mechanics
Pulling it all together on location
Post workflow and Color Grading

There's 6-10 tutorials in each module(all in bite sized chunks), and over 10 hours of video content, 6 hrs of interactive live chat planned and an amazing collaborative community all built in.

Even if you've been doing this for a while, smart people know that it only takes one tip, or an extra 5% of knowledge to make the difference between success or failure.

Here’s what you get:
* 4 weeks of intensive online training videos
* 6 full months to complete the program at your own pace
* Weekly live interactive group coaching calls
* Download and archive all the course material after 30 days
* Bonus interviews and case studies

Again, planet5D doesn't have any more info than what is being presented here, and we're not getting any commission if you sign up, we just thought you may want to know about the opportunity.

Check out the information here: “Creating the film look

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