Canon UK and Zacuto HDSLR discounts announced

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Canon and Zacuto have announced some fall promotions you might be interested in. Canon is offering some discounts in the UK for mainly PowerShots, but there is an instant rebate now on the 500D (the Canon Rebel T1i in the US).

Redrock Micro

The Zacuto promotion runs thru the end of the 2010 year

Zacuto promotional flyer


The Canon instant rebate is valid in the United Kingdom (UK) or Republic of Ireland (ROI) between Thursday 4th November 2010 and Thursday 13th January 2011 inclusive.

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(Photo credit: snap from the Canon flyer)

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  1. Zacuto should be embarrassed at reducing a $895 item to $849. That’s some reduction for an overpriced product.

  2. Agreed on the over priced bits especially. I have a bunch of Redrock and Zacuto gear and when I look at what I’ve paid in relation to what it is, I’m aghast at the big rip off it is.

    CNC machining is not rocket science or expensive any more and the brackets, widgets, plates, etc. are being pumped out at a fair rate by the various Chinese companies contracted to manufacture this stuff at very low prices per unit.

    Unfortunately, with everybody scrambling to jump on the HDSLR juggernaut and prepared to open their wallets wide, who can blame sellers to reach in and grab as much as they can while they can.

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