Adobe presentation coming on switching to Premier Pro by Chris Fenwick

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Adobe Premier Pro CS5 is making some headway amongst film editors – especially those editing video from a Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews) or any of the Canon HDSLRs because is doesn't require transcoding of the video in order to edit smoothly.

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We've become quite a fan of Chris Fenwick in the planet5D HDSLR chat room because Chris has been helping all sorts of people out with questions and answers. And last night in chat, we found out that Chris is going to be part of a presentation on moving to Premier Pro hosted by Adobe.


Second, I just want to say how cool Adobe has been about this. There is some stuff I want to talk about that I feel every Final Cut Pro user should know about and I contacted Adobe today to see if it was ok to bring up some history that could be considered a ‘wee bit controversial’ and basically they just said, “make sure everyone knows that what you are saying is your own words” and, to borrow a phrase heard all to often on TV, “not neccessarily the views of the station or its employees.” Basically they didn’t want to keep me from saying anything. And if you’ve ever heard me speak… you know I can be a bit aserbic. I REALLY was impressed by that and give them props for their stance. I DIG that in a company that makes MY TOOLS.

Please read Chris' blog for more information!

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