A call for help in Haiti – the Nap Kenbe Project – get involved!

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Today is Thanksgiving holiday in the United States and we'll have a couple of posts today about doing for others – yes they also have to do with photography, but let's not forget that we need to help others who may not be as fortunate as we are. In this project, you can help by either donating a little cash and get a song as a thank you (see the napkenbe.org site) or if you are an experienced video or still documentary photojournalist then maybe this is a project where you can lend a hand.

A few months ago, we featured a post about our friend James Rhodes who's been “Turning kids on to photography – National Geographic Photo Camps” and now, James has a new project and website to document the tragedy in Haiti and to train some people in Haiti to continue the documentation in an ongoing project. James has been to Haiti earlier this year and is trying to help again. He's set up a page about the project called napkenbe.org

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From the Nap Kenbe project description:

The Nap Kenbe Project has the potential to be many things. But as we launch and are getting the project started, the NKP’s role is simply to witness and document. To present these accounts and appeals to you who will watch and listen. We don’t expect miracles, but we are striving for them. It is our goal to continually remind people of the progress or lack there of during this long recovery process.

The language barrier between Haiti and English speaking countries, leaves Haitians unable to express their visions or ideas properly to seek funding from those who have the resources to give. The Nap Kenbe Project looks to bridge that gap. Our multimedia projects profile Haitian led initiatives for recovery and allows you a intimate look into the lives of those trying to piece them back together. It is our hope that though that intimacy these people allow us to document and allow all of us to witness, you will find the empowerment within yourself to help support these projects in any way you can. However big or small your role may be we all have a role to play in the recovery of Haiti.

We are a grassroots initiative working in cooperation with other grassroots efforts within Haiti. Our goal is simple, the truth. We want to be part of the solutions that make real change and allow the people of Haiti a voice in their recovery. The Nap Kenbe Project is dedicated to those on the ground day after day, making the difference in their communities. We wish we could build an army of such people, because with them who knows what could be possible.

Here's the video James has put together about the project and after that, please read how you can help.

The Nap Kenbe Project from The Nap Kenbe Project on Vimeo.


Call to action!

We've spoken to James about this project a couple of times and here's a bit of what he's sent to us about how you can help:

The Nap Kenbe Project's Call to Action :

The Nap Kenbe Project is heading to Port Au Prince, Haiti from December 26th – January 13th. Our project is in need of 5 trained and experienced video / still – documentary photographers / photojournalists to really make it something engaging and compelling. We are asking for your help to do that. Are you a trained journalist? Do you want to make a difference with your camera and your skills ? Do you think you could adapt to the difficult situations that you will very likely face in Haiti ? If so, we want to hear from you. Our project hinges upon the successful participation of skilled and dedicated storytellers with a generous heart.

What's not provided : Airfare

What is provided:

  • modest sleeping accommodations, not likely possibility of having your own room. Could quite possibly be sink bathing for our entire stay.
  • food will be Haitian diet, plantains, fish, potatoes, chicken, spaghetti, eggs for breakfast
  • transportation will be provided on sort of a taxi based service we will have two vehicles rented for 10 days between the 2nd and the 12th. We will have one vehicle most of our time in Haiti.

Get involved – donate or participate

It takes just a few moments to donate a little bit of your spare cash… put off going to starbucks or eat at home instead of going out and take that cash and help out with this project – donate at napkenbe.org

or, if you fit the bill for a photojournalist, contact james and get involved!

And lastly, please take a moment to retweet this post to let as many people as possible know about this project (there's a twitter icon at the top of the post to help) and follow the napkenbe project on twitter

(Photo credit: snap from the video)

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