The Canon EOS 5D Mark II killer? Recent video from the Panasonic AG-AF100

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We haven't yet talked much about the newer cameras coming that are going to attempt to be Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews) killers, but that's about to change because there are now several videos out showing off video from the Panasonic AG-AF100 (also called the AG-AF101 for the PAL version). It will be important to learn about these new cameras as there will be lots of debate about how they compare to the Canon HDSLRs as well as the Nikons as the HDSLR revolution continues.

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The first video that has gotten a bunch of attention is this one from who have said this about the Panasonic AG-AF100: “here at CREWS.TV we are beginning to think it won’t be a gentle shower that spoils the DSLR fun – it’s going to hose down.” So there you go, some people are calling this $5000 AF100 4/3″ video camera an HDSLR killer… but is it?

Panasonic AF-100 Hi-RES Extended RE-Cut evaluation by CREWS.TV from Yves Simard on Vimeo.

Title says it all, we decided to extend a few shots for a better evaluation. There is no audio on this clip.

If you have any questions please refer to our articles and technical documents on

Also please refer to our original cut with comments and questions

For this posting, we chose a more efficient process.

– Import AVC-Intra 100 P2 media via Final Cut Pro 7 Log & Transfer.
– On import transcode to ProResHQ quicktimes.
– Edit in a ProResHQ 1920×1080 sequence.
– Export Master Quicktime same as source.
– Compress with Apple Compressor.
– 1920×1080. H264. Quality – Full. Keyframes – All. Frame Rate – 25.
– Upload 1.54Gig Quicktime to Vimeo.


This new video shows Panasonic AG-AF100 along with Canon EOS 5D Mark II video… tho unfortunately, the shots aren't done with the cameras side by side, so it is a bit harder to compare the results.

Panasonic AG-AF100 test II from Filippo Chiesa on Vimeo.

New video filmed on Panasonic AG-AF100 (last release), mixed with Canon 5D MK II BTS footage.

The new Panny is terrific:

no aliasing, no moiré, the rolling shutter is present but minimum, great resolution.
The release in my hands, is not the definitive one and there are some bugs in the menu (the variable frame rate doesn't work, for example) but I'm in love with this baby.

A very special thanks to:

Pietro Bianchi for the BTS footage
Valerio Barbati for the precious help
Gordon de Adamich from Centro Internaziole Guida Sicura (VARANO DE' MELEGARI – ITALY).

See you tomorrow (October 20th) for the next test!


And Philip Bloom uploaded a video showing the Panasonic AG-AF100 in low light. You can read about his first 3 days with the camera.

3200 ISO Panasonic AF100 from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

A quick and dirty test of the low light of the AF100.

Voigtlander 50mm F1.1 Lecia M mount with Fotodiox adaptor. Retail for this lens is around $800-$1000.

This is obviously compressed. The original looks better.

3200 ISO

Music by Aphex Twin

So, we'll have a lot more info coming in the next few months about the other cameras in the HDSLR space as well as covering those wanting to kill the HDSLR all together. What do you think about the AF100?

(Photo credit: snap from the video)

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  1. This looks to be a fantastic camera, but the price is too high. Despite the 5d’s limitations, you can get an amazing picture for half the price.

  2. I do not think it is a DSLR killer see Stu Maschwitz post

    The Alfa Romeo clip was shot and recorded to nano Flash.

    Canon has a firmware upgrade almost released 6 month ago with a clean HDMI output so no H264 compresssion, but downsampling will be still threre. A clean HDMI on the 7D woith a Ninja should be able to get a similar resolution for a lot less money. Sp it is to early to say that this AF 100 mis a DSLR killer. That many are excited is logic. It is good for competition to have a large sensor CAMCORDER.

    Any way interesting times but not to get to excited about, since we have not yet seen RAW and a modular design any manufacturer that is first with that has a potential DSLR killer

  3. Is it just me or does this cam have absolutely no sex appeal ?

    And for the price, it can’t be a dslr killer in my book.


  4. Nice looking footage. But if you’re going to call the camera a 5D killer, you have to post identical shots from the 5D. You should shoot the exact same shots, exact same composition and lighting, similar image tweaking, color correction etc.–as they did in the Zacuto tests. Otherwise, any comparison is meaningless. I think it’s great to have a big chip video camera, but let’s don’t start throwing out headlines like “5D killer?” without meaningful comparisons. So far nobody but Zacuto has done any legitimate comparisons between all the cameras.

    1. Author


      I agree with you – which is why I was disappointed with the comparison video they posted!

      And I’m not the only one questioning whether this is a ‘Canon EOS 5D Mark II killer’ – we’ll post more about that later.

      And lastly, there are very very few cameras out in the wild right now – official release isn’t until the end of December. We’re hoping to find footage that you’re asking for!

  5. The 5D MKIII is going to be the only 5D MKII killer!

    What else can possibly com out at the same price point with a full frame sensor?

    When RED gets their S#%! together and comes out with their new cameras, the shear RAW factor will make it pretty much an every camera killer… You just have to talk to any DP that is shooting with a Mysterium-X sensor RED One… but the price factor will be in a completely different neighborhood… maybe even another state, all together…

    SO, lets stop the killing and have fun with our affordable and adorable cameras… haha!

    With all that said, This new Panasonic will be a very valuable, affordable and useable alternative for most production companies!

    T ; )~

  6. Woo hoo! Love it!! As soon as some cranky person claims that an object is the “such and such” killer, that solidifies even more that the object to be killed is THE king of the hill. Folks, there wasn’t a Mozart killer, there isn’t an iPhone killer, and there won’t be a 5D Mark II killer, much to the chagrin of the snot-nosed pro video folks. It’s simple: when something revolutionizes, it sticks. Others come along later with an improved design, but just sit along side of it, it doesn’t replace the Thing that started it all. What’s to kill about the 5D2? Moire? Jello? Nope, you can work around that, Greg Y tore all of you to shreds when he did the last season of House with the 5D2. Look, I HOPE you get big sensor pro video cameras, I really do, and you won’t need the 5D2 on set anymore. I realize it’s near impossible to pull focus and monitoring completely stinks, but remember that Canon wasn’t thinking Hollywood when they designed this thing. For the most of us out here, it’s the most incredible deal on earth if you want to shoot pro movies, and that’s what probably bugs the guys who have gone through all the pains of video over the last 10 years with no blurred backgrounds from razor thin DOF, and garbage low-light imagery of 1/2-inch sensors. The 5D2 comes along and all of a sudden eveybody’s a film maker. Well, guess what: it is what it is, so you’d better fly with the current. Nobody says REPLACE what you have, just ADD it as a tool and stop griping. Us amateurs do understand the exhilerating joyof making a movie, that’s why we’re hooked, and for $2500 we can get a body that will allow us to do that. But there’s one more reason that there will be no 5D2 killer: the installed base is huge already, and we all have the mindset of using the DSLR. Better isn’t always popular. Look at MP3s… worst sound on the planet, BUT, convenient to manage on your iPod, so it’s the winner. Yuck. And, BTW, it’s tiring to hear that there’s no XLR inputs on the 5D2, because as a long-time audio guy I can tell you that in-camera audio stinks even on expensive cameras, especially when the video guys have no clue how to capture good audio (mosty common mistake: overdriving the input gain instead of boosting output to the level you need). Except for up-to-the-minute ENG work, you should ALWAYS be capturing audio separately on a device designed for it.

    BTW, need I remind you that if us 5D Mark II owners never shot another frame of video in our lives, we would still have the absolute best stills camera for under $3K on planet earth. And even on planet5D. So let’s skip the 5D killer nonsense. Take what Canon has done to turn this planet upside down, and run with it so you CAN get your pro devices the way you want them. I still don’t understand why nobody has put a big 24mm x 36mm sensor in a video camera yet, they’ve been in stills cameras since 2004. Weird.

  7. Its a HDSLR killer, not this typical cam, but in the end, when all manufactures are going to bring out these sorts of videocams it’s the end of the HDSLR era as we know it. You know why? It’s a proper videocamera. Who here has a bare naked DSLR? Everybody has it all rigged up, so touching the 5K easily. The 4/3 inch is just a bit smaller then the 7D’s, I can live with that. There is no reel need for the massive shallow depth of field the 5D’s offering in the ‘normal’ word. Fun and very beautiful for the arty movies, but for an average production way to many. The 7d brought that back a bit and now de pana will do a bit more.

  8. What are you talking about?! It looks HIGH DEF, but very very digital to me, it does not look filmic like 5D mark 2 at all…
    But do you even see the grays in the blacks? Should have gone to Specsavers!:)
    5D is far beyond that simply cos of the large sensor that everyone is coming out with, there is unbeatable processing that makes for its unique look specially when used with the right lens.
    I was playing with EX3 and its apparently amazing iris function and still does not beat the unique shallow depth of filed that 5D mark 2 has to offer.
    Please don’t post nonsense like this any more. 5D mark 2 killer? Phaa!
    The camera costs 2400 when bought from Hong Kong and it comes with EF 24-70mm, which is superb out of the box. But lets face it! All additional parts cost such as follow focus, shoulder rig, mic, mono pad, vary ND, etc… another 2400:))) there is no workflow like 5D mark 2 flow:))

    1. Seems you feel a bit offended by my opinion? I too own a DSLR, not a 5D but a 7D, though have shot a lot on 5D. If you read my post you see that I’m convinced about the qualities of the 5D/7D cams, and that’s not where this new pana has to have it from, its gonna be (OK, let’s not call it an killer) a good competitor because it’s a PROPER VIDEOCAMERA. And some call grey in blacks a plus because of more latitude in post. And probably you can push the blacks in color presets if you want that.

  9. I’m going to have to agree with the others. You can’t call something a “KILLER” when it’s twice the price of something it’s trying to kill that’s just as amazing itself.
    Good to see Panasonic and others pushing for such a title.

    1. Agree, I think that the ARRI ALEXA could be real 5D MKII killer 😉

      or maybe ARRI D-21 (?) who knows ….

      personally I do switch from 2/3′ 3CCD P2 HD > 5D MKII – savings are HUGE and I mean H U G E … quality jump – visible … then … who is the killer ?

  10. Some say the AF100 is an “HDSLR Killer” … nope, sorry I don’t believe in the Easter Bunny either.

    My reasons: price, size, artifacts in low-light, & you need to buy an external recorder (says Bloom), not to mention a DSLR takes hi-res photo’s (af100 does not).

    It’s only a tool, even our dslr’s are just tools, however they are incredibly capable of spectacular images ….

    “And that has been proven, time & time again”


  11. If it truly has none of the aliasing and moire I get with my 1D Mark IV and the image is decent when recorded to card, I will have to get one and use my Canon only for ultra low light shots and possibly steadicam.

  12. Im not brand loyal,when the Panasonic DVX 100 came out bought it and got ALOT of quality work out of it,i now use it as a sound capturing device as it has the beloved XLR ports.
    Canon 5DMK2 arrived,and it ticked all of the major boxs for me,full frame,HD,Light,and oh my…inexpensive,..perfect?,but no camera yet is,it is a tool i use,i so far dont see this new ”Killer” ticking ALL of the box’s though it looks fine i just getting spidey feelings and i will go with them and wait to see what Canon has to offer next,first across the line dosnt mean best across the line.

  13. Maybe it would be a worthwhile demo, if the car shots weren’t over exposed.

  14. I think some DSLR shooters will move from their current set up to this new AG-AF100 but I bet most of the buyers are video professionals who are still using camcorders like the Panasonic HVX200 or Sony HVR or PMW line of cameras. I encounter quite a few people who are still shooting on those things who say that audio is the main reason they haven’t switched to DSLR.

    Seriously though, there have been times in post when I would consider paying 5k just to bypass hours of sound sync ;)… having those XLR inputs fully integrated is way better than the junk we have to attach to our DSLRs.


    The Panny looks fine…no quibbles.
    BUT the BIG reason for excitement over the DSLRs is the cheap glass! I have LOTS of old Nikkor lenses that are just sitting in a bag…from my old F4 Nikon. (remember multi-image slideshows?)

    A $60 adapter is all I need to make them useful again on the Canon DSLR platform…and that’s enough for me!

  16. the 5d will only improve. I think those that compare the panny 101 to the 5D are making a marketing mistake

    The 101 should be promoted as a cheaper alternative to more complex and pricier systems. They are on a hiding to nothing comparing it with the 5D, which has nothing to lose against this 101

    I think the 5D has nothing to prove. Te opposite appears to be true

  17. my quote above

    ” I think the 5D has nothing to prove. Te opposite appears to be true ‘

    should read

    ” I think the 5D has nothing to prove. Te opposite appears to be true for the 101 “

  18. there is misspelling in the title , should be:
    5D MKII is the killer
    sweet dreams …

    Bloom’s “fire-clip” – impressive , very impressive … too bad mostly “soft” but grain level looks cool

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