SmallHD Adds False Color to DP6 Monitor Family with Firmware Download

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SmallHD makes some pretty cool monitors – and now, because they've set up the DP6 accept firmware updates, they've just let planet5D readers in on an early announcement of being able to add False Color to the software behind the DP6 which will give users better information about exposure. SmallHD also helped out the HDSLR users a couple of weeks ago with the highly detailed post about monitor resolutions.

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Reed Phillips from SmallHD sent us this press release:

SmallHD, LLC adds False Color to its 5.6″ high-definition (1280×800) DP6-SLR and DP6-SDI on-camera monitors with a simple download from its website. SmallHD is the first monitor manufacturer to implement a “field-upgradable” firmware system that is as simple as plugging in a USB drive.

“Our intention is to ‘future-proof' the DP6 by continuing to add user-requested features and enhancements. This is only the beginning,” says Dale Backus, co-owner and Lead Product Developer.

Once installed, users may verify shot exposure based on an intuitive IRE/brightness scale.

SmallHD False Color IRE Scale


SmallHD DP6 Sample Image With and Without False Color

SmallHD pushes the envelope of external on-camera displays by providing its second major software upgrade for the DP6 HD field monitor since release in August. DP6 software version 1.2 adds two major features, plus many improvements. The headlining additions include an intuitive “False Color” exposure scale and a second quick-access function button.

“Focus and exposure accuracy are the two most crucial things a field monitor can provide during a shoot—if they're off, neither one can really be fixed in post,” according to Backus. “The DP6's superior resolution plus its highly accurate ‘Focus Assist' function make focusing a breeze, and our new ‘False Color' filter gives an intuitive picture of your scene's exposure levels.”

Version 1.2 enables the second button for quick function access and allows the user to instantly swap between any two functions. “By default,” Backus continues, “the ‘False Color' and ‘Focus Assist' functions are now only a single button press away, enabling faster, more accurate shot setups.”

“The unique ability for users to upgrade their DP6's software features in the field yet again proves incredibly valuable”, says Wes Phillips, co-owner and CEO. “From a software standpoint, the DP6 is a completely different monitor compared to its first release.”

“We're going to keep pushing the limits of this product until we've squeezed out every possible feature,” Phillips adds, “as well as accommodate emerging cameras with unique signal types as we've done with HDSLRs. This constant software evolution plus superior hardware means the DP6 will improve and become more valuable over time.”

“Technology progresses so quickly that long-term value isn't something you typically get from a device that is non-updatable, so we're incredibly pleased to be the first company to provide simple user-based upgradability to a high-end field monitor.”

So, what do you think? Pretty cool to be able to update the firmware eh?

Oh, and I thought I'd re-show you the interview we did with Wes from SmallHD last spring at the NAB show…

SmallHD monitors at NAB 2010 from planetMitch on Vimeo.

Blogger's disclaimer: SmallHD is not an advertiser tho they have agreed to lend us a DP6 and will be donating some equipment for us to give away in the near future (keep your eyes peeled!)

(Photo credit: snap from the SmallHD PR)

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  1. Great news.

    Congratulations to SmallHD company for being smart to understand the need of firmware updates that not only fixes possible bugs, but also IMPROVES the device functionalities.

    We still hope Canon do something similar for their already designed and in-production HDSLR cameras, which have a huge potential inside, not fully exploited yet.

    We (once again) give a List of Fixes & Improvements to Canon “for free”:

    It’s very interesting to know that lot of users contact 5D Mark II Team asking how and what can they do to get Canon improving their 7D, 5D Mark II, etc., via Firmware update with features additions and improvements.

    We wish we could improve the firmware, but only Canon really can… (you CAN Canon)

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