planet5D announces the first HDSLR Chat Room and enhanced HDSLR forums

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October 28th, 2010 – St. Louis Missouri – planet5D announces the world's first HDSLR dedicated chat room has opened at the refurbished planet5D forums! We're constantly looking for ways to help you learn as much as possible about HDSLRs and if you've been following planetMitch on twitter the last few days, you'll have seen us tweeting about getting the room set up and tested with several people joining in. And everyone that has been in the room has been totally excited about the possibilities.

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The HDSLR chat room

“ is the best HDSLR site on the planet, yet we keep working on ways to make it even better for everyone out there looking for help and HDSLR resources” said planetMitch (chief evangelist for planet5D). “There’s a great thirst for HDSLR information and people want to connect with others, so what better way than to have a dedicated chat room to come meet other people just like them” planetMitch added.

planet5D Forum menu bar showing chat

The planet5D HDSLR chat room will be open 24 hours a day so you can jump in at any time from anywhere in the world and meet other HDSLR users from around the world. But, our experience is that people like to chat when they know others will be there and so we're adding this to the event calendar as well. We're scheduling HDSLR chats on Mondays at 8pm. Eastern time (7 Central and 5 Pacific) and we'll likely be there for a couple of ours so don't worry about missing out. For those of you in Europe, We'll also have a chat on Mondays at 6pm Greenwich Mean Time (1pm Eastern) so that everyone around Europe and Africa can jump in and meet and chat.

You will have to sign up for a free membership on the planet5D forums (but you want to participate there anyway so you might as well get it done).

Enhanced HDSLR forums

If you noticed in the first paragraph, we did ‘remodel' the planet5D forums in the last few weeks. We switched to better back-end software (the forums are now run via IP.Board) and we're very happy with the changes – things should be much easier to use than before. We also purchased a template to make the forums look a bit more like the blog and other tools of planet5D and everyone who's been there has told us how user friendly the whole layout is (and we agree).


planetMitch said: “the thing i liked about the new forum template (besides the clean look) is the ability to make the sidebars hide when you don't need to see all that stuff. This is worth the price of admission because so many forums have so much clutter (if you ask me). Forums are all about communication and when you can't see the forums because of all the other stuff, then you're less likely to want to participate.”

planet5D Forum layout before hiding sidebars

planet5D Forum after hiding the sidebars - notice how much more of the forums can be seen!

All of these improvements are exciting – helping to make planet5D your one stop shop for everything HDSLR!

Try out the HDSLR chat room and the enhanced planet5D forums today!

About planet5D

planet5D was formed in November 2008 not long after the Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews) was announced. It quickly became the number 1 location on the web for news, video, alerts, and a wiki for the Canon HDSLR line of cameras. planet5D now has this set of amazing HDSLR features:

* planet5D blog
* planet5D HDSLR chat room
* planet5D HDSLR news
* planet5D forums
* planet5D Cinema
* planet5D Review
* planet5D Event Calendar
* planet5D HDSLR wiki
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