Jag35 announces new HDSLR viewfinder – Jehu Garcia talks with planet5D at PhotoCine EXPO 2010

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We had fun talking with Jehu Garcia from Jag35 at the photoCine Expo (and yes, we're still processing some of these videos LOL). Jag35 produces some really nice HDSLR rigs that won't break your bank account and they've also got this new viewfinder to show you called the Monitor X. Learn more about the Jag35 Monitor X in the video interview (note Jehu uses an out of date name for it in the video).

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planet5D at PhotoCine EXPO 2010 – Jehu Garcia from Jag35.com from planetMitch on Vimeo.

Continuing our coverage of photoCine Expo 2010 we present an interview with Jehu Garcia from Jag35 – presenting their line of HDSLR rigs and their new Monitor X (the prototype name was “X finder” but they've since renamed it).


From the Jag35 Monitor X page:

Monitor X is an LCD screen viewing Aid, a shade with magnification. It helps by isolating the image of your LCD screen from external light sources like the Sun when shooting outdoors. It includes a magnifying lens that is cut in a rectangle to fit the shape of most LCD screens found on DSLRs and video cameras. This design does not require the user to place their eye against anything preventing eye fatigue and allowing users that wear glasses to use the monitor X without removing their glasses.
It will fit most 3″ screens and so far we have tested and found it to fit the following cameras:
Canon 5Dmk2, 7D, 60D, and Nikon D7000. The Monitor X will mount using a frame that glues to the camera via double sided 3M tape making the installation and removal a literal snap. It will include 1/4-20 holes on bottom and on top allowing to be mounted using articulating arms. Additional extending frames will be available for people who wear glasses.

Blogger's disclaimer: Jag35 has been a sponsor of planet5D in the past but is not currently.

(Photo credit: snap from the video)

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