Cinevate shows off new iPhone / small camera stabilizing rig

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This just in from our planet5D friends (and yes advertisers) Cinevate – they're about to release a new steadicam-like rig for small cameras and iPhones. Tho it is yet to be named, Dan Walter from Cinevate is now showing off the device and sent us this early info. This new rig can currently support up to 1000 grams and the goal is for it to support smaller HDSLRs like the Canon Rebel T2i/550D.

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Dan sent us this:

“The actual stabilizers in the photos and that shot the footage are prototypes. The production model will have a much larger weight tolerance, retain it’s organic good looks and offer many more options for host cameras. Apple was kind enough to release the HD recording iPhone4, which was the news we were waiting for! This rig will spawn creative opportunities for small cameras and smart phones previously impossible to achieve.”

Here's an idea of what the device looks like with a Nikon point and shoot:

New Cinevate small camera / iPhone Stabilizer

And here's the demo video:

Cinevate's Small Camera / iPhone Stabilizer with GoPro from Cinevate on Vimeo.

This piece was shot during The Photographic, Video & Digital Imaging Show by Cinevate CEO Dennis Wood. In the clip Dennis steps out for a quick walk to the GoPro booth. They liked what they saw!

Cinevate's “yet-to-be-named” small camera / iPhone stabilizer is set to drop soon. Stay tuned for dates and product shots.

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Here's an image showing the device and how you hold it.

New Cinevate small camera / iPhone Stabilizer

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(Photo credit: snap from the video)

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