Canon HDSLRs capture crazy monster bike jumps into a pond

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This is just a quick fun post… saw this video this morning and it is getting a ton of hits – it looks like fun and it is well edited – and lastly, some of it was shot on a Canon EOS 5D Mark II, a couple of Canon Rebel T2i/550Ds, an ex1 along with the HD Surf GoPro (you wouldn't want to do the water shots on the 5D2 now would ya?).

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Film made by Devin Graham (Directed, DP, Edited)
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Also on camera I had Jace Leroy, Kristen Hillier, and Josh Contor who had full freedom to pick their own shots. We also had several other people help who jumped on camera for a little bit while we were filming.

Shout out to the Ensoul team, who is a team of extremely talented bikers , break dancers, poppers, and free runners. We had several of there team members doing the stunts for the video. You can check out their facebook page here……

We had one person get hurt filming the video, he was the second crash that appears. He ended up with 6 stitches in his knee cap. The week before we filmed someone had broken there (sic) neck on the jump.

On a technical not, it was filmed on a Canon 5D Mark II, 2 Canon 2Ti's, and one EX1. We used one steadycam, and we had an assortment of lenses, Canon and Nikon.

For the shots with the camera on the biker, we used an HD Surf GoPro. It was my first time working with a GoPro, and I was super skeptical at first, but with it's slomo, and easiness to use after you spend a little of time with it, it worked great. And I was surprised how well it cut with the footage from our Canon cameras. No disappointments. All the GoPro footage was shot at 60fps as well, and 720p.

We used the program “Twixtor” for a couple of the shots, which put it in even more slomo then what we shot it at.

I converted all the video footage to ApplePro Res, which I then edited with Final Cut Pro. I then colored it in Apple's Color, it was my first time coloring myself, so it was a learning opportunity.

The original idea for this spot came my friend Jeff Harmon's, from Orabrush. I have been making there companies videos since the company first started, check out there stuff here.…

(Photo credit: snap from the video)

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