Canon EOS 60D ISO and white balance video testing

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For those of you checking out the Canon EOS 60D, I'm sure you're interested in the performance of the video in low ISO settings as well as how things look in the different white balance settings. We've found a couple of videos to help. First up is a test of many of the features including white balance, picture styles, and ISO – and the second compares the Canon EOS 60D with the Nikon D7000 side by side in a city night shoot.

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The first was sent in by planet5D frequent HDSLR chat room visitor Amila C. Kumarasinghe.

Canon 60D – Most wanted 5 tests review from Amila C. Kumarasinghe on Vimeo.

Some people asked me to do these tests who are going to get the 60D, and some people told me to upload my previous tests in HD. Hope you guys happy this video test.

I recorded originally at 1080p 25p and that got 495Mb file and when i upload it, Vimeo says 13hrs to finish that upload. Then its not possible with my internet connection and i downres to 720p. and you can download the file also.

(HD 720p is pretty enough to judge these kinda tests)

I used no any color correction there, just rendered original Video came out with the cam. and colors are the same as the original file .

All the Camera settings mentioned there and Hope you enjoy this . .


The second test – Canon EOS 60D with the Nikon D7000 side by side in a city night shoot.

D7000 vs 60D Low Light Test Redux from Nathan Lee Bush on Vimeo.

I did test again (earlier one here: to address two complaints about the earlier test, the white balance and the focus. The white balance was set to Auto before, leading to two different color temperatures. This time I set the white balance on both to 3300k (3330k on the Nikon, because it doesn't have 3300k). Also, some people thought that the Canon looked improbably soft in comparison to the Nikon, so I made sure to triple check the focus this time. Both lenses are set to infinity and looked focused through the viewfinder and when zoomed in on the LCD.

The lenses are the same Zeiss Distagon 35mm f/2 on each camera. The tripods are also the same.

Thanks to Marco for taking the time to provide his technical expertise.

I posted more thoughts about the test on Adorama's blog ( and my own Tumblr (

This video was made possible by Adorama Rental Co.

(Photo credit: snap from the first video)

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