Canon EOS 5D Mark II Drift Car Commercial with BTS

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A fun little Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews) commercial with a behind the scenes (BTS) attached at the beginning. Sent in by our friends at Cinevate.

Redrock Micro

Canon 5D MK 2 Drift Car Commercial with BTS from Cinevate on Vimeo.

Our friend Steve Chase was kind enough to share this insane, behind the scenes piece and commercial with us.

There were brave souls, as you'll see, who stood just out of harms way to capture an amazing shot.

In the bts you'll see Steve using Cinevate's DSLR Core Package and Medusa DSLR Cage. More information on the Core and Medusa available at


Blogger's disclaimer: Cinevate is a planet5D sponsor.

(Photo credit: snap from the video)

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  1. Another great piece, thanks for blogging this one Mitch.

    Absolutely the best “Hdslr behind scenes” piece I’ve seen so far! It takes some serious guts to hang in there and get that shot …


  2. Im always on your site and i just absolutely love your blog post, I always love seeing whats new, or whats been shot with these cameras, and your site seems to have something new almost everyday!


  3. Hey Mitch, Thanks for posting this! I had no idea what new world i was entering when I chose the 5D to shoot this project.
    I’ve been steadily trying to convert other clients to wean them off 35mm. It was a fun shoot and even more fun to see the reaction of the 5D world (planet).
    thanks again

  4. That was a cool behind the scenes! The driver, Chris Forsberg is a buddy of mine. Cool to see what they were shooting the commercial with!

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