Canon EOS-1D MKIV combining live and stop motion for a German commercial

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Daniel Schmidt sent us his Canon EOS-1D MKIV live and stop motion commercial which is pretty cool. Simlar to a recent stop motion viral video we showed you a few weeks ago, but different in that this combines stop motion with live action giving a very different feel. A nice combination!

In the commercial (which is in German), we see people asking others “Where is your favorite place?”

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Here's the info that Daniel sent us about how he made the commercial.

It is an advertisement for a new online platform ( by a German cosmetics brand (Florena) that invites users to share their favorite places in nature. Florena is currently in the process of completely relaunching the brand in a green way. They only use natural ingredients harvested through eco-friendly means and also support various relief projects in Morocco.

The film's story is simple: People ask each other “Where is your favorite place?” and go there in rapid stop motion. This is meant to resemble the way the website works.

The film was made on a minimal budget and with a tiny crew, which traveled over 1.300 kilometers in six days, visited 15 different places, and shot thousands upon thousands of still images that were then combined to create the movie. I shot the whole thing on a Canon 1D mk iv. Other than that we didn't really have a lot of equipment. I used the 1D because of its fast burst mode (10 fps). Some of the scenes were “filmed” that way to better match the single-image-stop-motion-parts since at some points they transition without a cut. I was afraid if I switched to video mode it would look too different.

I have attached a picture of the “rig” we used. This made it easier to move the camera to the next position for each new photo. Unfortunately it also caused people to confuse me with a bum, while we were shooting at night in Hamburg's red light district (the scene towards the end). It probably didn't help that I had empty pizza boxes in the cart (=catering) and that the camera was covered by a jacket…

Daniel's Canon EOS-1D MKIV stop motion rig

(Photo credit: snap from the video)

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  1. Something similar to this was posted a while ago where a crew did a video for Levis Jeans. They traveled from Washington D.C. to California and recorded everything in stop-motion.
    Pretty cool to see others trying this technique out. Thanks for posting it.

    1. Author

      Yes, that’s the video I was trying to get you to go see with the link in the first paragraph where I said: viral video we showed you a few weeks ago,

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