Behind the scenes on ABC news “Tech this out!” using HDSLRs

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The “Tech this out!” crew over at ABC News (update: originally reported as being on yahoo! – I suddenly realized it is an ABC News show being shown on yahoo!) is using Nikon and Canon HDSLRs to record the show and in this new behind the scenes video, they discuss how they're using them on set. [source: found via this tweet from @jcvsatlanta]

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“It is all part of the increasingly popular way to shoot anything from news footage to commercials to prime time shows like Fox's popular ‘House'” the announcer says. “Here at ‘Tech this out!' you could say we're a bipartisan operation” – then they show the Nikon D300s and also discuss using the Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews).

For info on the follow focus unit they show – check out Bruce Dorn's site Their follow focus is pretty nice as it works on friction and doesn't require gears. We're planning a planet5D live interview coming up with Bruce – keep your eye out!

Note: You can see it much larger than they let us embed it on the ABC News site


(Photo credit: snap from the video)

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  1. Very cool. I wonder if they know about Pluraleyes or Dualeyes for syncing? It seems, based on their reasoning behind using the slate synced to the sound recorder…that they don’t use software like this to do syncing.

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