Astonishing Canon EOS 5D Mark II timelapse from Dustin Farrell

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Dustin Farrell has sent us his latest Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews) timelapse video and there are some jaw dropping scenes in this one.

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Just look at a couple of shots from this timelapse:

Trains - copyright Dustin Farrell

Blue Canyon - copyright Dustin Farrell

Blue Canyon - copyright Dustin Farrell


NASA Lunar Rover - copyright Dustin Farrell


And here's what Dustin has contributed especially for you planet5D readers!

“Over a year ago now I began getting interested in DSLR time lapse photography. Now a DP with Crew West Inc. in Phoenix, AZ I began to miss the opportunities of editing my own material. I quickly discovered that shooting time lapse with a DSLR not only gave me editing material, it gave me 5K RAW image sequence editing material! On my home PC I could crank out 4K video clips with ease.

My DSLR interests grew when I found the forums. There I found a wealth of knowledge, including information about a camera called the “Canon EOS 5D Mark II.” It seemed that every serious time lapse shooter was using it. So, we bought it along with a 24mm 1.4 mark2.

Since then I have been shooting incredible time lapses. The low light image quality of the 5D2 is amazing. Add the 24mm f1.4 and the combination is unmatched. 80% of ‘Landscapes: Volume ONE' was shot with this combination.

Stationary time lapses soon began to bore me. I decided that the camera must move for a shot to keep my attention. I found a company called ‘Servocity' online and purchased the parts to pull my dolly very slowly down the track. If you call, talk to Kyle and ask for the ‘time lapse setup.' However, since the construction of my dolly motor many new products have hit the market for moco time lapse like the Dynamic Perception ‘Stage Zero' dolly and Kessler's Cineslider. My version is DIY, cheap, and effective.

Post production of my RAW image sequences was something that was hard to master. After a lot of trial and even more error, I began to figure out how to get the full potential out of each image sequence. Adobe After Effects CS5 is my tool of choice. Inside of AE CS5 is Adobe Camera RAW. The power of ACR and AE is amazing. The noise reduction features alone make it worth the purchase.

I figured out many months into my time lapse shooting that there was absolutely no need to shoot my night time lapses at a high ISO. Most time lapsers will shoot a Milky Way shot at 3200 ISO even with the 5D2 and 24mm 1.4 combo. This is unnecessary if you use the ‘stacking' method inside of After Effects. Just stack one clip on top of another and change the blend mode to ‘screen'. It's an amazing method because it allows me to shoot deep astro time lapses at low ISO's. The result is a noise free image.

I hope everyone enjoys “Landscapes: Volume ONE”. Sorry for the boring name but I ran out of creativity. Look for “Volume TWO” in coming months at

Dustin Farrell

Landscapes: Volume One from dustin farrell on Vimeo.

A year's compilation of my time lapse work. All shot on the Canon 5D2 and processed in Adobe After Effects. The majority of the shots are in my beautiful home state of Arizona. Goblin Valley State Park and Natural Bridges National Monument in Utah also make an appearance.

If you are interested in hiring me or licensing my clips please call 1-888-444-2739 or email [email protected]

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Every clip is a RAW image sequence (5616 x 3744) that I rendered out as a 1080P 23.976fps Quick Time movie. The motion control is achieved using servo motors.

I enabled downloading so everyone can enjoy the video in its best quality. It is worth the wait.

By the way, I asked Dustin how he got access to the lunar rover… “I was working for NASA directly for my ‘real job'. I was introduced to the head of media relations and decided to ask for permission. I was shocked when she said ‘Sure, no problem.'”

What do you think? Pretty cool eh? Let us know in the comments!

(Photo credit: snap from the video)

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  4. Astonishing, beautiful, can’t come up with enough superlatives. More to the point, I’m equally impressed with the conceptualization and execution of the piece. The effect is almost like that of a religious experience.

    Congratulations on an extraordinary piece of work.

    John Ciccone

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