Zacuto announces a new Electronic Viewfinder for the HDSLR market

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Zacuto fires a shot in the HDSLR electronic viewfinder market by announcing their entry called the Z-Finder EVF and planet5D is the first to show it to you. The Zacuto Z-Finder EVF is a 3.2″ monitor that you can also attach your Z-Finder to if you have one or you can add one to your arsenal. Estimated street price is $775 and Zacuto is targeting February 2011 as a limited release date. This is a direct shot at Sunday's announcement from Redrock Micro of their microEVF product. Our thanks to @fscottkennedy for sending this hot tip!

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Redrock Micro

From the Zacuto Z-Finder EVF page:

Zacuto is changing the game again! We are transforming the form factor of DSLR cameras for video use with our Z-Finder EVF. The Z-Finder EVF is a 3.2” high resolution monitor that will be used in conjunction with all the Z-Finder models. The Z-Finder EVF allows you to operate the DSLR camera with the correct form factor for video with the camera “in-line” to your rod system (the most stable way) and your eye in the Z-Finder EVF. This is the way all film cameras and ENG video cameras were operated and we, at Zacuto, believe this should be the way DSLR cameras should be operated. It will enhance the stability, give you better resolution, allow you to get your eye where it most comfortably needs to be, enable low mode shooting, have your EVF in the back of a dolly or crane, detached from the rig for car shots and more.



  • Actual 16×9 screen
  • 800×480 resolution
  • .087 dot pitch
  • Focus Assist
  • Iris Assist
  • HDMI loop through
  • Operates off Canon LP-E6 Camera battery (1/2 day power)
  • Includes a hot shoe mount or optional articulating arm kit.
  • Can mount to other manufacturer's rig (Redrock Micro, Cinevate, Letus, etc.) via 1/4 20 screw, 15mm rod or articulating arm
  • All Z-Finder models snap on and off the EVF and can be used interchangeably between the camera screen or EVF screen
  • Includes mini HDMI cable

(Photo credit: snap from the Zacuto Z-Finder EVF page)

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