Video transcoding showdown: 5DtoRGB vs. MPEGStreamclip vs. Canon Plugin E-1 vs. Red Giant Grinder

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Tobias sent in this article he's done on these different technologies (5DtoRGB, MPEGStreamclip, Canon's E-1 Plugin, and Red Giant's Grinder) for converting the Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews) footage (also should get similar results for other Canon HDSLR cameras). I know there's been lots of discussion and curiosity around this issue lately and many have chosen to go the route of using Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 because it reportedly edits the videos without transcoding. Your mileage may vary as they say.

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Oh, and by the way, there are several other posts on the subject of this new tool 5DtoRGB and transcoding:


Here's what Tobias sent us:

Converting your Canon 5D footage was always a big issue. You are always at risk of quality loss and/or gamma shift.
Reading about the new converting tool 5DtoRGB I started to compare the output of MPEG Streamclip, 5DtoRGB, Canon Movie Plugin E-1 and Magic Bullets Grinder.

Converting the same file with each program to ProRes 4:2:2 showed a great variety of outputs.

And here's the beginning of his article as a tease to get you over to his blog

Recently I was reading a blog post from director Robin Schmidt over at which got me curious. He was doing a comparison between MPEG Streamclip and rarevisions 5DtoRGB. I was using MPEG Streamclip for myself to convert my 5D footage. From the beginning I was always aware of the obvious gamma shift you get using MPEG Streamclip. I just started to convert to Proxy files for editing and reconnect to my original files.

Seeing the great results of the test I started to do my own and compare 5DtoRGB to other converting tools like the Canon E1-Plugin and Magic Bullets Grinder.

Ok, now after all that setup, please have a read on tobias' article.

(Photo credit: snap from the article)

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