Tiffen announces “Tango” a steadicam HDSLR boom with ‘9 feet of elevation’

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Tiffen is now showing off a new steadicam accessory called the Tango for small HD cameras and HDSLRs – which in their words is “a conventional Steadicam sled at one end of an accessory spar, stabilizing a “mini- sled” at the other end to at last yield that long-sought floor-to-ceiling boom range with direct and intuitive control.” That's kind of a mouth full and I think the video shows the whole thing off in an excellent way.

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The New Steadicam Tango with Canon 5D mkII from Engage Cinematic on Vimeo.


“The lightweight Steadicam® TANGOâ„¢ provides long-sought floor-to-ceiling boom range with lateral reach, full stability, intuitive control and simple, economical construction. TANGOâ„¢ is a game-changing Steadicam accessory for use with today’s miniature HD cameras according to Steve Tiffen, President and CEO of The Tiffen Company. “TANGOâ„¢ is designed to be a straightforward, bolt-on addition for future Tango-compatible Steadicam models.”

For more information, please visit the Tiffen Tango page. The pricing is undecided and there isn't a release date either.

So, what do you think?

(Photo credit: snap from the video)

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  1. After seeing the crazy setup of a jib attached to a Steadicam arm, the footage itself seems underwhelming. I expected more sweeping shots from low to high – however this is obviously just a quick test. I’m sure there are some pretty amazing things you can accomplish with this, but the stuff didn’t look all that different from a normal Steadicam. Maybe the beauty is in the ease of changing your angles on a whim instead of having to re-balance and adjust everything.

    I wonder how small it packs down, and if it’s possible to travel with this setup for documentary work?

  2. When I saw the rig, I wondered how the operator was going to track and focus. Then I noticed how often they cut away from the footage and how blurry it often is when it is shown. So how do they track and focus with this thing?

    They don’t.

  3. achieving a similar effect to what a MKV AR rig would be able to, but for a fraction of the price …

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