Taking Canon EOS 7D footage from 60fps to 1000fps with Twixtor

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@synapticlight showed us this cool usage of Canon EOS 7D (reviews) 60fps footage being slowed down even more via the program called Twixtor from Re:Vision Effects, Inc.

Redrock Micro

7D 1000 fps from Oton Bačar on Vimeo.

7D slow motion test footage of my friend doing bmx tricks.
Everything was shot in 720p 60fps.

Edited with Twixtor in After Effects.

Music: “Fly Away”
Composed by:Niklas Aman, STIM
Published by: Freeplaymusic, BMI


From @synapticlight's blog:

If you have not heard of Twixtor, check them out – they look very cool.
We all would like to have the ability to shoot 120 frames per second, 600 or even 1000 that is available on a Phantom. However Budgets restrict our dreams and aspirations. Don’t they?
Maybe not.

This is where great plugins come to the rescue. And Twixtor is definitely no exception. RE:Vision Effects, the makers of Twixtor have many other plugins and resources available across a whole range of products and platforms.

For me, I think that the best is Twixtor on a Canon HDSLR like the 7D. Leveraging the already great frame rate of 60fps, the exceptional image quality and D.O.P. – you get awesome results

I'll also ask the same question that Vincent Laforet asked:
“Can anyone explain to me why this looks as good as it does? 60 fps to 1000fps via AE & Twixtor…”

Here are some replies:
Rodney Charters (@rodneykiwi) replied:
“@vincentlaforet T looks ahead and behind each frame 15 frs to interpolate & create new in-betweens. at 60fps there's already little change”

and @careyd said:
“@vincentlaforet Twixtor is powerful but you'll find when the background is also moving it sorta doesn't work.”

“@vincentlaforet part of story is shooting spinning wheels against burntout sky=less motion artefacts from Twixtor. More to it than that tho.”

“@vincentlaforet It involves motion tracking, advanced frame blending algorithms and getting a DeLorean up to 88 mph”

So, do you have any experience with Twixtor? Sound off in the comments!

(Photo credit: snap from the video)

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