Rumor: Canon high end mirrorless HDSLR camera in 2011?

by planetmitchLeave a Comment's Andrew Reid has just posted this rumor which seems to stem from posts overseas in Asia. These posts indicate that Canon is working on a high end mirrorless HDSLR that includes a 22mp sensor (4/3″ size) that also shoots video via a new technology called “pixel fusion”. Read the story

UPDATE: has a different take on this rumor. I respect their knowledge of rumor sources and they're not keen on the source in Asia of this rumor – “The source at Xitek (Where this originated from), is a known bad rumor felon. 🙂 … This all looks too good to be true. I have no doubt Canon is working on an EVIL system, but this camera system is a lot for 2011.” – So, let's leave this as an interesting exercise and next time, I'll check with first.

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Here's a snippet of the post – please go there to read the entire content.

Due for launch in the second quarter of next year, Canon's mirrorless is branded EIS. The first in the series – EIS 60 – is a high end mirrorless camera, not an entry level GF / NEX competitor. It will feature a 22 megapixel sensor. This is a brand new back illuminated design, 18mm x 12mm in size (approximately Micro 4/3rds sized*).

EIS stands for Electronic Image System, as opposed to the famous Canon EOS moniker which is Electronic Optical System.

Canon are developing new EIS lenses, at least two of which will be available at launch – these are the 12-75mm F2.8-4 IS Macro and 70-300mm F3.5-5.6 IS, which retract into a much smaller barrel than EOS lenses.

Again, I'm leaving out much of the content as Andrew at deserves the traffic so please go over to read the whole scoop – and you'll want to because you'll learn more about the video and the rumored “pixel fusion” tech.


We obviously don't know how true this rumor is, but it will certainly cause lots of discussion – please have a go at the rumor in the comments below!

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