Review: One Full Week with the Canon 60D

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Friend of planet5D Nicole S. Young shared with us a new post on her blog (remember she was the first we were aware of to get her hands on a production Canon EOS 60D and blog about it) called “Review: One Full Week with the Canon 60D

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I’ve had my new Canon 60D for one full week now, and thought I’d share a few things about it … both what I like and what I feel needs improvement. I have a few high-res/long exposure photos I’ve also uploaded for you to check out, but this isn’t a crazy in-depth scientific review, (I’ll leave that to the expert reviewers). I wanted to share some of my thoughts on a more user-friendly basis with the camera.

A few of these I already mentioned in my previous blog post, after only having the camera for a few hours, but thought they were well worth repeating in this more detailed “review” of the camera. I’ve had a few solid events to use the camera with: one was a full fledged stock (work) photo-shoot, and the other was a night-time/sunset photowalk, so I didn’t just tinker around and find things randomly. Many of these observations were discovered when I actually needed them, so it was all very organic process.


so please go read more about Nicole's experience in her blog post called “Review: One Full Week with the Canon 60D

(Photo credit: snap from Nicole's review)

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  1. I tested the HD movie function on the Canon 60D over the Halloween weekend. The fist problem I encountered was that it would stop filming automatically after approx. 10 seconds, then I realized it was due to the SDHC 16gG (4) memory card I had, which is considered slow.
    After I uploaded the MOV. files on my Avid, the quality of the video looked awful, there was no vivid colour in it and I was totally disappointed with the resoult ( It looked great on the LCD monitor of the 60D) I shot in fully manual mode and also shot a few clips in automatic mode, but I can’t see too much difference.
    Do you think the poor quality of the HD video is due to the slow merory card I used?
    I am thinking about exchanging it for the 7D since I need the camera mainly for filming HD.
    Any ideas on what I should do?

    1. I think this problem made with your memory. Buy a memory card class 10 and try to get shot.
      7D isn’t better in this item. best choose is a camcorder with ccd sensor.

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