planet5D hosting an HDSLR meetup/breakfast at PhotoCineNews Expo

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Remember a few weeks ago when I told you about the PhotoCine Expo? Well, planet5D is now hosting the opening breakfast! We're very incredibly excited about this opportunity to kick off the entire event. . If you want tickets, why not get them early while they're still cheap? Discounts available until Sept 12).

UPDATE: I just found out that the Film School is asking that everyone have a pass to get in, sorry for the confusion. Everyone should have at least an Exhibit pass (which are normally $15 – but you can get them for free by visiting vendors like Redrock Micro (here's what redrock tweeted yesterday “Get a free ticket to PhotoCine Expo Sept 25-26 with chance to win #Redrock gear at the show. Promo code “Redrockers”“).

Redrock Micro

So far, we've got Redrock Micro and Zeiss scheduled to help us host this event and you'll not want to miss this if you're in the LA area. Heck, I'm flying all the way from St. Louis because this will be THE event to attend this year.

We're not getting formal here either. I'm sorry but we're not serving scrambled eggs and bacon and fancy stuff, we're doing a ‘continental breakfast' – but food isn't the issue here. We'll have the best group of HDSLR shooters and directors and producers and editors ever gathered in one room – how can you pass this up?


There are plenty of reasons to get to the EXPO Рand now there is one more Рmeeting and greeting while munching on a doughnut from Krispy Kreme and having coffee! Expect to see lots of new faces and rub elbows with the cr̬me of the crop in the HDSLR movie making world. All of the speakers are being invited so you should be able to talk to anyone and everyone.

Can't wait to meet you there!

(Photo credit: snap from the google image search for breakfast)

Zeiss Cinema Lenses


  1. mmm…sounds good..where will the breakfast be though..?
    in the lobby just outside the event..?

    1. Author

      Breakfast will be inside in the lobby – shouldn’t be hard to find – just look for the loudmouth with the planet5D t-shirt HA

      I’ve been asked to revise the post asking people to register for the free exhibit passes so we can have accurate information on those who attend and so the security folks know that you’re supposed to be there. Thanks

  2. The Redrockers password works…yeah…for a free
    exhibit hall pass. See you there. Thank you Redrock.

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