More on the Redrock microEVF from PhotoCine Expo – UPDATED

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As we posted from the floor of the photoCine Expo on Sunday, Redrock Micro announced their new microEVF and we did have our camera rolling while we were there at the show and here's what we captured about this new electronic viewfinder.

UPDATE 10/4/2010 – Redrock announces they've added HDMI pass thru to the microEVF specs – “Built-in HDMI passthrough for supporting additional monitors” to the specifications at no additional charge.

Redrock Micro

So here's the video we shot showing the Redrock Micro microEVF:

planet5D at PhotoCine EXPO – Redrock announces HDSLR EVF from planetMitch on Vimeo.


Our thanks to Brian Valente and the entire Redrock Micro team for giving us the early info and for taking time to show it off for our planet5D readers!

We'll be rolling out several posts about our experience from the expo over the next few days so keep your eye out!

(Photo credit: snap from the video)

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  1. Hi there Mitch , could tell me , on the video Redrock Micro microEVF above, the 5D rig, just after the camera , what is that metal box over the shoulder rails… is it a battery ?

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  3. REDROCK = FAIL. Really look at that total mess of wire. It doesn’t look like any thought went into the product. What a terrible way to spend 15 minutes (I remember seeing this in person, a lot was cut out a lot due to the “technical” problem).

    Also that “spontaneous” Jared-thing where he’s “helping” was totally staged and fake. Did they really think anyone would believe that? It looks like he sold out for a free viewfinder.

    1. Author

      If you look at just the microEVF, all it requires is batteries and one HDMI cable – pretty well thought out if you ask me.

      All of the other wires you saw at the presentation were to set up additional functionality. The HDMI splitter for running to the monitor, the monitor cable, the Teradek wireless transmitter needed cables etc.

      I thought it pretty nice that Brian used the opportunity to show off something more than just his product – he set it up to show off 3 new products at one time from 3 different vendors. So it wasn’t just the redrock product.

      And by the way, I removed only 1 minute and 15 seconds of video where they were trying to diagnose the problem.

  4. Well Redrock is a major sponsor of this site. I had to do my best to ignore their banner ad directly above the editorial video. So I would expect Planet5D to only be complementary.

    I don’t know any company that likes giving money to a “news” site if site that is genuinely critical of the company or their products. I think that’s why Consumer Reports won’t take sponsorship money.

    I have to agree Redrock leaves a lot to be desired. Not just with the EVF product, but everything they send to market. I used a Redrock shoulder mount and on the first day out it failed, unacceptable, I don’t care how cheap it is.

    All you need to do is add some sauce to the spaghetti of wires on the back of that “Redrock rig”. YUK! Undoubtedly that unprofessional tangle is a direct result of the Redrock EVF not having a loop through HDMI. Can you explain why not having this feature is a good thing?

    Zacuto at least has an HDMI loop so I won’t have to deal with the weight and hassle of an extra box and how to power it.


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