Canon EOS 60D unboxing and quick review

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@jj_orange has produced the first Canon EOS 60D unboxing that we've found. And like an earlier unboxing that JJ did, he's doing a side by side comparison with the Canon EOS 7D (reviews) at the same time as doing the unboxing.

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Canon EOS 60D unboxing and quick review

Canon 60D quick review video from Orange Wedding Films on Vimeo.

I ordered a new Canon 60D from in Utah.
I haven't shot any with the camera yet, I am planning on using a lot for 2 weddings this weekend.
I will be surprised if you can tell the difference between 7D footage and 60D footage.
Swivel LCD is definitely the best feature of this camera.
The price is between 7D and T2i, but what this camera has to offer is a lot closer to 7D: having K-Temp WB, Battery info, and same battery as 7D and 5D. I am sure I will find out more about the camera, but as for the 1st impression, I would give 9 out of 10 for now.


I find it very interesting that JJ has some of the same reaction I had when I was using the 60D at the Canon expo in regard to the new inner rocker button inside the click wheel on the back. I kept wanting to try to spin it because the outter part spins – and it is only a rocker button so you can't spin it.

And it is also very interesting to see the Canon EOS 60D side by side with the Canon EOS 7D to see the size differences. Tho they're very close to each other in width, the height and depth are very different.

(Photo credit: snap from the video)

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