Canon EOS 60D first hand reports and videos start rolling in

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Tho we have given you a couple of early hands on reports on the Canon EOS 60D (Nicole's report, Den's report), more are coming in now and we're sure you would like to see them.

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First, we saw this report from Scott Bourne at with his article “First Look – Canon 60D“. Here's a small snippet:

I got my hands on one of the first production Canon EOS 60D camera bodies this week. It’s a big upgrade to the 50D which in my opinion, was always sort of an out of place camera. I am still not sure of the product positioning on this segment by Canon, but since it’s new – I know there’s going to be a great deal of interest in this camera.

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Before more hands on – here's an awesome video – you'll want to watch it on HD 1080 on youtube

Here's a couple of video reports – first up is‘s

Here's one that was a preview that I haven't seen before – it was published using a pre-production unit like Den's,

Part 2:

(Photo credit: snap from the digitalrev video)

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