Shooting ENG style with Dual System Audio on a Canon EOS 5D Mark II

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@createasphere on twitter posted this awesome quick demo video how to for Shooting ENG (Electronic News Gathering) style with Dual System Audio with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews). They're using a Zoom H4n (reviews) to record the audio and Pluraleyes (reviews) to sync the audio with the video in Final Cut Pro.

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Daniel Plym, Director of Video Publishing at , gave us a crash course on how he uses his 5D for red carpet shoots. He is a one man operation and breaks down how he combines the 5D with a Zoom audio recorder, Sennheiser Wireless microphone, Pluraleyes software and Final Cut to capture clean audio. This video was used in our webcast Life Without Timecode (Audio for HDSLR) and will also be featured in our upcoming Canon EOS Moving Image Workshop

(Photo credit: snap from the video)

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