Rumor: New Canon HDSLRs spotted in the wild? Canon 60D on the horizon?

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Canonrumors has been posting several rumors lately and we thought it about time to maybe consolidate them for you. Today, they posted images (see below) of what appears to be a new Canon body that has a articulating LCD! Canonrumors is calling it the 60D.

Redrock Micro

UPDATE – Sunday Aug 15

Vincent Laforet qualified his comments today on his blog – indicating his excitement had nothing to do with possible Canon announcements…

“I said that I have some very exciting announcements coming in the next 2-4 weeks – that’s true!

BUT – they will have absolutely, unequivocally, NOTHING to do with Canon or a Canon product.

I just had to clarify this because several rumor sites have picked up on a quote I made (highlighted below) in a post I wrote last week and taken it out of context – even though I made it clear that these rumors were photography related not video related and would involve the iPad and iPhone.”

UPDATES – Aug 12

Vincent Laforet posted this morning on his blog:

“The truth is we have more info and announcements coming in the next 2-4 weeks than I’ve probably ever had since Reverie or Nocturne… I’m pretty excited actually.”

And Canonrumors updated their specs:

A few things about the 60D
– I’m told that the 60D will NOT be a magnesium body. This would definitely separate it from the 7D.
– The body of the 60D is also slightly smaller than the 50D, but will have a larger grip area.
– The camera will cost $200-$300 more than the T2i

An all plastic body puts it inline to compete with the Nikon D90 segment directly. Though I’ve read rumors the D90 replacement WILL have a magnesium body.

Philip Bloom posts:

“It’s a replacement for the the 50D and will sit between the T2i/ 550D and the 7D. Got proper controls on it like the 7D, as in two dials…nice.”

Original post continues…

First, before we get to the images (and maybe more exciting to many of you), Canonrumors posted a spec list for a new “Hybrid Flagship” camera…

The 2nd part of the same email spoke of “A dream camera for any pro photographer and cinematographer that needs the ultimate image and movie quality in difficult light environment”

The camera has been in testing for a short time now.

– A lower mp full frame Sensor
– Dynamic range optimized
– Raw video
– Continuous focus on video mode
– Smaller form factor than 1D series.

interesting eh? RAW video? continuous focus in video? Yikes! We want it now!

Canonrumors 60D

This is the only list of “specs” Canonrumors has:
18mp (Exact same as the 7D & T2i)
Tilt Screen (No word on size)
“Video Optimized” (I’m going to assume better AF when filming)

But here are the images they've posted:


We thought those were a little dark, so we played with trying to clean them up a bit to find out some of the details…

So, what can we glean from these images (assuming they're real)?

The camera shown appears to have:
– articulating screen
– popup flash (meaning it is likely a 60D – not a Canon EOS 5D Mark II replacement)
– Fewer buttons than the 5D2, 7D – similar to 50D (see images below)

We thought we'd compare to other backs in the current Canon line:

Canon EOS 50D back

Canon EOS 50D back

See anything missing? Well I do – lots of buttons. There are so few buttons on the back that we have to wonder where all the functionality is…
– is there a new menu system?
– Is the screen a ‘touch screen' somehow?
– Where's the trash can/delete button? Update: it is just above the LCD on the upper left – it is partly hidden by the strap in the first picture.
– What happened to the joystick? There isn't one here! Tho – it looks like the quick control wheel now has an inner ring, maybe they replaced the joystick with this inner ring?

Other questions… with an articulating screen, does that put the sticky viewfinders out of business (like the first and second generation Z-finder – the 3rd gen z-finders mount differently but will be in the way if you want to pop out the screen).

And what are the plug in connections? I tried messing with the exposure, contrast, sharpening etc to see if I could figure out what the gasket covers say but I don't know for sure… here's an attempt:

planet5D Canon 60D prototype plugs

I tried all sorts of things to try to bring out the text on these rubber gaskets, and even dragging the sharpen slider in Aperture left and right while looking at the image seems to help the eye try to decipher the image, but I haven't been able to do it. It seems like the area below HDMI says “ACHSM” but I don't have a clue what that would be. Actually, looking at the side of the Canon Rebel T2i/550D (reviews) it looks like to me it might be this:

Canon Rebel T2i/550D side gasket

I was hoping it would indicate something like “Video RAW out” LOL!

So what are you expecting in your next camera? Can Canon pull off RAW video output? Sound off in the comments below!

(Photo credit: snap from the Canonrumors site)

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  1. As a photographer, I don’t see this as the 60D, but as a new line of video-oriented DSLR’s. Photographers LIKE buttons, as many as possible. It would make no sense if a mid-range camera had less buttons than a entry-range model.

    Canon sure is aiming this new boiling market, trying to keep the leadership.

  2. Very interesting news!

    I highly doubt those are accurate specs.
    Canon would not begin including RAW video capabilities on a 60D, maybe a 5DMKIII.

    The articulated screen is very welcome though.

    ps. easy up on the ‘LOL’ business – it isn’t necessary and distracts the reader from the post’s content.

    1. Author

      The specs where the RAW video are listed is NOT for the 60D – that is for a new/different camera – and would agree that it would be for a higher level pro camera.

  3. The joystick as the inner ring of the control wheel is also found in the G11 (although it’s mainly used for W/B and flash adjustments, instead of say focus point selection).

    As far as I can see, it’s only missing one button (either the picture styles or Func). I love buttons and knobs as much as the next photog, but I think if I had to go into the menu to change say picture styles it wouldn’t be a deal breaker.

    It does look like there is a new video option on the PAvTvM quick dial, which would be good if you are using this for full time video work (and they added a Bulb mode, but at the expense of C2 and C3 which makes me a little sad, I wish the “scene” modes were configurable to custom settings… that would be nice).

    Most of all, I’m saddened by the prospect of a plastic body, but still hopeful the AF system is greatly improved.

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