Redrock micro announces a new line of “Redrock|Ops” HDSLR rigs

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Redrock not so quietly showed off a new line of HDSLR rigs called the “RedRockOps” rigs this afternoon at the Shane Hurlbut HDSLR Bootcamp. As you can see from the images below, it is a line of specialty rigs with camouflage markings.

Redrock Micro

I spoke with Brian Valente from Redrock just after they presented Shane Hurlbut with the very first rig (as seen in this photo from Eric Haywood).

shane hurlbut gets RedRockOps rig

Brian Valente presents Shane Hurlbut with the very first RedRockOps rig - photo by Eric Haywood

“This line will be special rigs from our existing line with one new addition. This isn't paint that will chip off, or a sticker added on, it is a chemical process that infuses into the metal of the rigs. It will be a special order so there will be a slightly longer delivery time.”

Brian also told us that there would be a press release out tomorrow, but provided planet5D with this early look and we appreciate that! You can see and order the rigs right now on the redrock store!

These two rigs are on the site now:

Here are some additional photos from Kate Romero and Eric Haywood (photo of Shane above) who were both at the HDSLR Bootcamp!

redrockOps rig and Tshirt

Redrock|ops and a t-shirt from Kate Romero

Redrock|ops rig - photo from Kate Romero

Redrock|ops rig - photo from Kate Romero

Brian also sent these images:

Derek Edwards from the Elite Team showing a Redrock|Ops rig

And he also shared with us this – “people haven't seen this yet – the new prostyle quick release incorporating really right stuff quick release. Shane uses this in his setup”

redrock Prostyle quick release

Unannounced redrock prostyle quick release - Shane Hurlbut uses this setup


So, what do you think? They may not be for everyone, but they look kinda cool don't they? Sound off in the comments below now!

(Photo credit: snap from redrock micro)

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  1. That would be a lot of fun trying to get through airport security. I would like to see someone try to explain that to the TSA at check-in. Good luck trying to convince them it’s not weapon related 😉

  2. Haha, the questions is; How are you ever going to get through security at an airport with this?

    I already got stopped and taken away once by airport security with my Redrock gear. After thorough investigation they found out it wasn’t a missile launcher… Morons..

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