Philip Bloom releases another short with timelapses-this from Monument Valley

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Philip Bloom has released yet another short – this beautiful short which includes several timelapse clips was shot with a variety of Canon HDSLRs – the Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews), Canon EOS 7D (reviews) and a Canon EOS-1D MKIV. The most interesting feature (besides the beautiful images) is that on Philip's blog, you can listen to an audio narration of the techniques he used in filming the short – you really should go hear it and watch it at the same time!

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Here's a snippet from his post – that you really should go read

To make sure the cameras were ok in the rain i covered them over with plastic. After my 7D died in Florida (still waiting to get it back from repair a month later!) I am very cautious about this weatherproofing now!

So, yes , I used 5 cameras at once. Not in the grasp of most, but this was simply as I needed to maximise my time, with two more days and just two cameras I could easily have done it. I wish I did have more time…I will certainly go back!!


Now that you've seen the video – I really insist you jump over to Philip's blog to hear the audio commentary and to see the additional setup info and pix.

(Photo credit: snap from the video)

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  1. I don’t get why Philip Bloom is held in such high regard? I have seen a lot of canon films which have nicer stories and nicer cinematography, and they are from complete randoms. I think everyone is just jumping on the Bloom wagon. Don’t get me wrong, he makes good stuff, but give some kid with a vivid imagination and a little bit of skill 5 canons…well I bet you’d get some slightly more entertaining results. just my opinion.

  2. NIce visuals if this was one minute long. 5 minutes? Really? I kept scrolling forward to keep from falling asleep. And once again no story/narrative/plot/care in the world. Look I can slide out from behind a cactus in the foreground! Yawn.

  3. Carlos,

    I agree he has opened the world to the awesomeness of HDSLR and does a great job of promoting photography/video and gear. I’m always on his site reading the gear reviews and hoping that he takes his work to another level….but I have no need for a meet-up where a bunch of people follow the Pied Piper and compare Follow Focus and DSLR cages. I’m too busy shooting. If his allure is that of a Svengali then I grant you that point.

    1. Author

      “I agree he has opened the world to the awesomeness of HDSLR” – just a minor point… planet5D was around long before Philip started doing HDSLR.

      I like to think planet5D exposed the world to HDSLR (but then again, I’m vain and crazy LOL).

  4. Bloom is just a guy with a good eye, who knows how to promote himself and his advertisers very well.

    Granted, his sycophantic following is a little over the top, but hey, it pays the bills. He’d be crazy not to captialise on it. He’s carved out a very successful little niche and it’s working for him.

    I’d agree the above short is laboured, but I haven’t seen much else from Phil that isn’t. . .it’s his style. Do I like it? No, but that’s just my opinion.

    But don’t be so quick to slag it off because it doesn’t have a narrative, some of the most beautiful films I’ve ever seen don’t have a narrative That is just short sighted.

  5. I wish people would stop referring to Philip Bloom as a cinematographer.

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