It’s a bird… it’s a plane… no it’s a Canon EOS 5D Mark II – stabilized in perfect GPS position

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A Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews) flying like a bird or a plane or a helicopter, Perspective Aerials has a new GPS enabled 4-rotor drone service for you – a Canon EOS 5D Mark II flying stabilized and in perfect GPS position. We recently had another post about sending your camera aloft and it featured another Perspective Aerials video as well.

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Anthony Jacobs from perspectiveAerials sent us this bit:

5D Mark II Compact Aerial Platform demonstrates Dynamic HD setup: With this 2-man setup, one operator pilots the craft while the other remotely control the 3-axis stabilized camera gimbal by using a 2nd controller and viewing “through the lens” via a real-time video downlink. This setup produces more dynamic shots compared to the usual static fixed camera shots where the camera doesn’t pan or tilt but stays in a fixed position. The 2-man operation is the ideal setup for professional movie productions… You’re able to pull camera crane, dolly and jib type shots all with one tool.”

Canon 5D Mark II Aerial Drone – GPS Position Hold from perspectiveAerials on Vimeo.

Here we demonstrate the DSLR aerial platform's GPS position hold capability. If you can imagine the ability to fly a professional DSLR camera over a natural disaster site, switch on GPS position hold which forces the aerial camera platform to hold its exact position in the sky allowing a journalist to snap photos at a safe distance out of harms way.

With the use of an 8″ LCD and wireless video feed you have the ability to remotely “see through the lens” in real-time to compose shots as well as remotely control shutter release function.

A must have tool for any news photo agency!


This platform is an invaluable tool simply because you’re able to capture footage that cannot be done by any other means. The compact size and flexibility makes it extremely versatile…boom shots can be captured indoors without the use of big heavy cumbersome equipment. Move the craft outdoors and you’re able to capture helicopter shoots, low altitude panning fly-bys and extremely low, very smooth dolly type shots.

Picture of the Pelican Case #1520 used in transport. The platform’s arms can be easily removed for compact easy transport.

Here's their promo for the 2 man crew:

Filmmakers' dream tool from perspectiveAerials on Vimeo.

This setup is a 2-person operation where one operator pilots the craft and the other remotely controls the pan & tilt functions of the 3-axis gyro stabilized camera gimbal using a 2nd controller and viewing “through the lens” via a real-time wireless video downlink and 8″ LCD.

This solution is ideal for film & television productions because it produces more dynamic “tracking” shots compared to the usual static fixed camera clips where the aerial camera is stationary forward looking and does not pan or tilt.

With a 2-person setup you're able to pull dynamic camera crane, dolly, jib as well as stunning helicopter aerial shots with one tool.

More from Anthony Jacobs on their service:

The rig is not for sale but I do offer rentals and aerial services. Folks can email for more details. I have not updated my site as of yet so I’ve laid our rental rates below:

All rental fees are in U.S. Dollars – Travel expenses are not included.


1) Compact Canon 5D Mark II Aerial Video Platform Rental Fee – includes required aerial platform operator/technician and *camera operator (2-person operation) $2,300 per day
2) Operator/technician and *camera operator's day is a maximum of 11 hours with a 45 min lunch break. ($75.00 per hour beyond 11 hours)
3) Operator/technician and *camera operator's day starts and stops at shop or hotel.
4) For safety reasons we only operate during daylight hours (up till dusk)
5) We do not operate over open waters.
6) We can safely operate indoors through doorway openings of at least 5-feet.

* In most cases a designated camera operator is required for more dynamic shots such as remote operation of camera gimbal pan and tilt functions for tracking shots. Alternatively, you may assign your own DP to control gimbal pan/tilt functions at a $500 per day reduction.

Wow, doesn't that look like a fun job to have?

(Photo credit: snap from the video)

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  1. Great. But…….. the demo film is not really smooth like real hollywood production movie.

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  3. If it’s industry-grade production you need, then pay the big bucks for the chopper. But if you’re an independent filmmaker wanting an aerial shot, this is the ticket. Apples and Oranges… I’m not sure why that last comment was even necessary.

  4. Ok, NOW that is definitely the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. WOW it’s like a flying tripod, fully GPS guided autonomous flying camera..automation at its finest!!

  5. Very interesting. But, you launched it with the lens cap still attached, then show “live” views….
    You might want to fix that part, not quite the “pro” look…

  6. Very interesting indeed.

    But, you launched it with the lens cap still attached, then show “live” views….
    You might want to fix that part, not quite the “pro” look…

  7. Yes, at the beginning of the video the lens cap was left on just for canon promo (unfortunately upside down!) as I walk over to launch you can see my left hand reach over the top of the craft to remove the lens cover.

  8. Wow I love this. This opens a whole new world. The design is incredible. Removes limitations of other RC rigs. Wow, options are endless.

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