Hurlbut Visuals HDSLR Bootcamp – planet5D discount now available!

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Get your discount for the Hurlbut Visuals HDSLR Bootcamp before it is totally sold out – seats are going quickly! Go to the registration page and enter the code “planet5D”.

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You can read about it on our earlier post but we'll also tell you a little more about it here…

If you've been looking for some amazing hardcore HDSLR training, Shane Hurlbut and his team are going to give you the full hands on training you've been looking for! This two day hands on HDSLR Boot Camp looks to blow you away! Read below to find out what Shane and his team have in store for 40 of you lucky filmmakers.

I'm sure you remember Shane – he's the guy who initially shocked many of us by mounting a Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews) to a helmet (read the post as originally first posted by planet5D). And, tho there are many other posts about Shane's adventures, I love the film he did called “The Last Three Minutes” which we were privileged to debut here on planet5D.


HDSLR Bootcamp, Shane Hurlbut, ASC from Shane Hurlbut, ASC on Vimeo.

“Our mission at Hurlbut Visuals is to educate and inspire one filmmaker at a time. The Elite Team and I have been asked by many AC’s, DP’s, Directors, Still Photographer's and independent filmmakers for hands on help in understanding this HDSLR technology in order to directly apply that knowledge to a set environment. We are listening to the requests and taking a leap by offering an HDSLR Boot Camp in association with Mogo Media. Co-Founder Lydia Hurlbut, the Elite Team and I have put together an intensive course that will teach everything we have learned over the last 17 months of trailblazing.

This is a small, intimate, intense 2 day course with a 5:1 participant to instructor ratio and a maximum of 40 participants. It will be a simulated set environment where I challenge all the participants like I challenge the Elite Team on a daily basis. You learn how I expose, light, and alter the picture styles. Come prepared for the physical demands of real world shooting. Bring your own Canon camera equipment or the minute you walk through the door, a Canon 5D Mark II loaner will be placed in your hand. We will divide and conquer in teams of 10 people and each Elite Team member will show you how to turn this pro-sumer camera into a moviemaking machine. I will be available the entire time to help or answer specific questions.”

So, go sign up and use the planet5D discount code!

(Photo credit: snap from the video)

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  1. Good Lord…that price for 2 days makes film school look
    like a bargain.

    Shane is for sure one of..if not the best of the
    youngish DPs out there shooting studio films…but
    this is still alot of money..even with the discount.

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