Canon EOS 5D Mark II up in flames! A must see, but not a must do!

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Think your Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews) is weather resistant? Well, we can see from this video sent to us by planet5D friend Barry Anderson that a 5D2 sure can't survive flames (especially when the flames are intentional). This also seems to be the month of burning as PetaPixel had a story last week about a Canon EOS 7D (reviews) burning in a car and yet the CF card survived.

UPDATE: Looks like the guy was surprised so many people were watching his video – it was going viral because we posted it on planet5D and passed it around – before we posted it in the first 2 weeks it was online it only had 800 views – and in the first day we had it over 10k… anyway, he's pulled it now. Sorry!

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Why would someone do this to a Canon EOS 5D Mark II? According to the the video poster @CyrilHelnwein in text in the comments:

Was it broken? unable to repair? couldn't sell it for parts? Are you Krusty? Have too much money and an urge to burn expensive things? [Answer]] All of the above except for the money part! CyrilHelnwein

(Photo credit: snap from the video)

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  1. If he is from the USA there is a Canon Loyalty program that could have gotten him a refurbished 5DII for $1700.00.

    He might still be able… maybe!

  2. MMMM, what the hell? Was that suppose to be cool? Some people have way to much time on their hands.

  3. aaah.. i lost my battery cover, after installing a grip, and couldn’t find spare parts.
    he should’ve contacted me first !

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  6. Can / is this art ?
    Probably yes , and a great way to show the declining of some cultures?

  7. i think ANYTHING can be art…
    think about that dog left at a museum starving to death.
    some types of art are just unpleasant, but maybe that’s the artist’s intention.
    but… “video removed by user”… he’s already ashamed of what he’s done?! poor 5dmkII
    i don’t have one yet, but it’ll be the the most precious THING i’ll have.
    recently found another story where a very unlucky guy dropped his 5dmkII face down on the dirt, while changing leses, with means no lens cap or lens mounted, all open.
    when that kind of accident happes to me, i can only think about: ctrl-z ctrl-z ctrl-z ctrl-z ctrl-z ctrl-z, please “undo” this moment…

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