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Nicole S. Young is a photographer, a frequent tweeter, and now an author – she's written the new book “Canon 7D: From Snapshots to Great Shots”. I've followed her on twitter for quite a while and she's a fellow iStocker (someone who sells photos on (check out her portfolio on iStock!). When i found out that she'd written a book about the Canon EOS 7D (reviews), i just had to give it a look and for many noobs to the 7D, it will be worth your time to give it a look as well. And, if you keep reading, you'll find out we're giving away the copy that Nicole sent to me for review and autographed!

Redrock Micro

Nicole S Young Portrait - click to view her iStockPhoto portfolio

First off, the downside to this book (if it really is a downside) is that it isn't aimed at the movie maker. It teaches you about photography with specific points relating to the the 7D, but it doesn't teach you much about the movie side of the camera – and don't get me wrong, it wasn't intended to do that. Tho there is a chapter on the video settings, it isn't the main goal of this book to teach you to make movies. It's goal is to make you a better photographer by knowing the workings of the 7D. Once you have the 7D mastered, you'll be ready for one of the other books we'll be reviewing in the next few weeks.

For someone just getting into photography or just buying the Canon 7D and not knowing it's functions, this is a great book and one that will serve this crowd well. If you're an upper level photographer or already know the ins and outs of your 7D, i doubt you'll find much here that you didn't know, but, of course, there's always something that you could learn that you didn't know and i found a couple of things in reading thru this book – so it does help to have a wide variety in your reading!

Roller-Derby Nicole Young

Roller Derby copyright Nicole S Young


There are two things i liked right away. First is that Nicole's writing is fresh and personal. She talks to the reader and this doesn't have a textbook feel to it. It is well done.

Second, i thought the beginning of the book was brilliant – Nicole knows that the first thing we all love to do is to grab a new camera and run out to see what we can do with it – yet she urges us to get comfortable with the camera first and starts the book with a chapter about settings… “ten tips to make your shooting more productive right out of the box”. Brilliant. And they're darn good tips too.

Win this book!

And now that i've read thru the book, we're going to give it away to one of you! And, to top it off, this is an autographed copy!

So here are the rules of the contest.

  • First, you must be following both Nicolesy and planetMitch on twitter.
  • Second, you must tweet this: “Canon 7D from snapshots to great shots-book review on planet5d. Read these rules to win: [more than retweet]”.
  • And third, you need to enter a comment on this post. (The last time i tried to do a twitter only contest, twitter had a burp and the tweet archive was lost so i couldn't find a winner – so this is a backup plan).

Contest ends Sept 15th.

Three-Gossips Nicole S Young

The Three Gossips copyright Nicole S Young


For the beginner or intermediate photographer moving up to the Canon 7D, “Canon 7D: From Snapshots to Great Shots” is an excellent addition to your library and teaches you much more than you'll get out of just reading the manual. You'll enjoy Nicole's writing and her photographs are beautiful and draw you in – and her explanation of the details of some of them gives great insight.

Blogger's disclaimer – the link to amazon for the book is a planet5D affiliate link – if you are interested in buying the book, please consider using this link to help support the work we do here at planet5D. Thanks! Oh, and we're not keeping the book that Nicole sent, we're giving it away to a reader.

(Photo credit: snap from the book)

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  1. I love both PlanetMitch and Nicole, and I love the Canon 7D (if I could only find the time and places to use it more). I would LOVE to win this book.

  2. I don’t consider the 7D a pro camera at all. It produces so much noise at all ISO’s, but 100 ISO is usable. Hardly any images are truly sharp out of the 7D, they may look sharp but at 100% they’re not too sharp at all.

    Yes, I own one and 5D II (which I love)
    Yes, I tested with sharp L serious glass with tripod, remote, mirror lockup, raw, etc.

    7D is more of a video camera than still camera…

    1. Author

      Aaron… I’m wondering if you got a bad unit on the 7D. I’ve talked to plenty of people who have 7Ds and aren’t experiencing anything like what you describe.

      1. I have heard others talk of the soft focus problems. I had my local photo store talk to a Canon rep for me and didn’t receive any useful info, only denial of the problem. I have also heard very good reports for the camera. I have friend who bought one a month or so ago and he says he hasn’t noticed any problems. The article/blog by Nicolesy on micro adjustments for each lens and for the camera os a whole if desired I believe answers some of the problem. I am seriously thinking of purchasing a 7D but I keep hearing the focusing issue mentioned by other owners. I wish Canon would address the claims and see if they could fix it in newer models, which may have already been done. I also expect and upgrade to the 5D soon since it is two years old. i expect them to use the dual logic technology of the 7D to increase fps speed and other newer technology. I would buy one of them instead if I haven’t already purchased the 7D. Sorry this is so long but I am a preacher and I think it affects me in every area of conversation. LOL!!!

  3. Looking forward to purchasing a 7D and this book would be the perfect reference book.

  4. I would love to win and read this! Nicole is a great photographer and an inspiration 🙂

  5. I will put this book to great use. I can’t wait to win it and tweet about winning my first twitter giveaway.

  6. Tried to follow you and her but Twitter is broken again. Maybe try later … maybe not.

    I don’t get Twitter after months of trying. I’ve never, I mean NEVER, read an interesting tweet yet. I follow a few hundred folks, some of which I check their blogs daily because I love what they have to say.

    I like conversations but you can’t really have a conversation on Twitter.

    So your requirement to follow people on Twitter to win makes me much less interested in participating.

    Anyway, that’s how I feel.

    1. Author

      Thanks for your comment Rob – however, what I’m using twitter for isn’t the same goal you have in mind. I’m trying to spread HDSLR news and having more followers helps. But thanks for your comment.

  7. I have been “stalking” Nicole for some time. I keep meaning to get the book, after reading her blog I want to know more. 🙂

  8. I have a 7D and really need to learn more about it and would love to win this book.

  9. I’d love the book, too. I’m always looking for ways to better my skills.

  10. very cool. I am planning a move to HDSLR world, but I may be aiming for the 550D to start off with. The book will be a great inspiration for the next step.

  11. Hola, uaho! que privilegio tener ese libros en las manos… A seguir disfrutando la 7D, la mezcla perfecta de un libro : técnica y artística

  12. I’m hoping that T2i owners can learn a bit from this book as well considering the similarities between the cameras.

  13. Nicole Young and Chase Jarvis and Vince Laforet and planet5d inspire me to take pictures and video!! Nicole’s book would bea great edition to my growing video photo library.

  14. Going from working as an editor and cinematographer, to studying photography next year. So maybe this book could be a nice start for me 😉

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