Amazing satellite image of face on the earth!

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This is way off topic from the normal Canon cameras we cover around here, but it was too cool for me to pass up! A program I have on my iMac is called earthDesk and it displays a compilation image of the cloud layer over the earth that is updated every 3 hours… tonight, we see a face! I know some will claim it is photoshopped, but it isn't!

Redrock Micro

This image includes Hurricane Danielle staring as the earth's nose (haha) and I don't know whether the eyes are lows or highs or both… but I watched them forming during the day and finally, with the sun going down, the face just popped into view.

In the comments below, tell us whether you see the cloud just below the hurricane as the mouth or is that a mustache and is South America a beard?

Click on the image to see a larger view!

earthdesk image Sept 28 2010 small

earthdesk image Sept 28 2010 - click for larger!


I thought I'd show you my interpretation of what features I see in the clouds:

planetMitch interpretation of the cloud features

I also thought I'd show you a globe view:

earth face full moon shading globe starfield small

earth face full moon shading globe

(Photo credit: snap from space!)

Zeiss Cinema Lenses


  1. The coolest thing is that it is a photo from the future 😉

    “earthdesk image Sept 28 2010”

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