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August 12, 2010 – St. Louis Missouri – planet5D announces “HDSLR news” – a brilliant new page added to the “best Canon HDSLR site on the planet”. The new planet5D HDSLR news page will be the single location for anyone looking for HDSLR news regardless of the site – just one page to bookmark and visit every day for fresh HDSLR news from around the world. Nobody gives you more HDSLR information resources than planet5D.

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“ is already packed with the best HDSLR news and information and we're determined to continue to make planet5D the best one stop site for HDSLR information on the planet” said planetMitch (chief evangelist for planet5D). “There's a great thirst for news about HDSLR cameras and how they're being used and people currently have a lot of sites to go visit every day to see what is new. But now, with this single page, users can find out not only what is new on planet5D, but they can scan headlines from all of the other HDSLR sites and decide what to go read!” planetMitch added.


Features of the HDSLR news aggregator

What is an aggregator and why would I want to use it? Well, think of it as a special filter on a bunch of websites based around a particular subject – in this case the HDSLR space. It is like a newsreader without all the setup. We've done that for you. And, it is updated every hour – so the news is always fresh!

The page is broken into several sections including HDSLR specific news, Digital Video, photography and more. Each section has a listing of the sites we're gathering news from – and the 5 most recent stories are listed. And for each story, if you roll over the headline, you'll get a snapshot of the beginning of the story helping you decide to read the whole story or move to something else.

“The idea came to me the other day when I was looking for news to cover in the blog. It dawned on me that others would probably like to see the same sources I'm looking at” planetMitch said. “I know that planet5D is an aggregator already, but there are so many stories we can't cover. Maybe everyone should be able to see much of what I already see. And so I found a plugin that would do what I was hoping to do and now everyone can come to the planet5D HDSLR news page to see the top news in the industry. And no, that doesn't mean we're going to get lazy and stop covering the news ourselves. We've still got more news coming at us that we want to share with everyone!”

The HDSLR news page has also become the default page for anyone visiting the main planet5D url

Bookmark and visit the planet5D HDSLR news aggregator and find out what you need to see every day.

New features added to planet5D in 2010

New features added to planet5D in 2010

About planet5D

planet5D was formed in November 2008 not long after the Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews) was announced. It quickly became the number 1 location on the web for news, video, alerts, and a wiki for the Canon HDSLR line of cameras. planet5D now has the following features:

In 2009, planet5D had over 1,450,000 page views and 700,000 visits. Alexa ranks in the top 60,000 worldwide and in the top 20,000 in the USA.

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