Yippee! iPad and iPhone video embeds from Vimeo now working

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Yes, there are some planet5D fans who read the blog via their iPhones or iPads and they've always been frustrated because the videos didn't play. Well, the other day, I posted a tweet (follow me on twitter) about wanting to get videos from Vimeo that we post here in the blog to work properly on the iPhone and iPad. Thanks to EOSHD.com because they've found a way to accomplish it!

Redrock Micro

Here's a sample from my vimeo account (it is the 60 second version of Shane Hurlbut's Navy Swimmer video):

Update: I had a couple of reports that the script wasn't showing the video on the iPhone – so I took out a portion of the javascript “&quality=mobile” and all seems to be working now – tho I imagine the download to the iPhone is bigger now 🙁

And if you want to see how to do it on your blog, please rush right over to the EOSHD post where they give sample code!

(Photo credit: snap from the video)



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