Want a Canon HDSLR wireless external monitor for $200?

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@kevinshahinian pointed us to an article at FreshDV about a guy who's selling his DIY wireless transmitter and receiver for external monitors that hook up to your Canon HDSLR for $200. I suspect that after the article was posted, he's being flooded with orders so who knows about delivery LOL. This appears to work with Canon HDSLRs and is one of the cheapest wireless kits we've seen. And, if you've got a situation where you want to have multiple external monitors, this device transmits to multiple monitors simultaneously!

Redrock Micro

Here's what Robert Benson says in his blog about his product:

“The device, consisting of a transmitter, receiver, color 7″ monitor and additional components, takes the feed that normally appears on the back of your DSLR, and feeds it wirelessly to one or more monitors, which can be used by the art director on a shoot, assistants, or anyone else who wants to see what the photographer is seeing. Sends video or still photos without delay. Don’t have to bump heads anymore trying to show others an image on the small display on back of camera.

This, like the 20-mile wireless remote I built a couple years ago, came out of a need in real world shooting, and I didn’t see anything else really available. Not at a reasonable price at least. There’s the HD CamWave which sends an HD signal wirelessly to a monitor, but the price starts at $6000. The Canon wft-e5a does something kind of similar, but that cost $675 and doesn’t include a monitor, and isn’t job-specific like mine. There’s other stuff out there, but its horrifically expensive, and the joy with a lot of Indie filmers is DIY, right?”


So, after you watch the video that Robert produced below, remember that this is very much a DIY project for him that he builds in his garage, and that he's a one man supplier (which has all sorts of risks). But for less than $200 shipped to your house (I'm assuming that is a USA only shipping price of $6), you might get a fabulous deal. There are notes in the comments you should read before ordering and make sure you read all of his specifications – it does not work with all external monitors (there is a monitor in the package) because the monitor must have analog input (he's not using HDMI). So be cautious about the setup.

So, yea, wow… looks pretty cool eh?

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  1. Wow, pretty awesome.

    maybe he can make an app and dongle that works w/the iphone and ipad!

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