Two Canon EOS 7Ds working on a new short – “The Inventor”

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Recently, we've gotten quite a few submissions (and we're thrilled to see so much activity out there!) and this one stood out to us – shot on two Canon EOS 7D (reviews) HDSLRs, “The Inventor” looks to be a great short. The movie is ‘in the can' but they're looking for a bit of cash to help with post production – for more info please go to their site

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The director Joey Ciccoline sent us this:
“I'm a director and I've just finished shooting a short film with two Canon 7D's. We're now heading into post production and are trying to raise money to recoup our production costs, and finish the film. The reason I'm writing is because I know that from time to time you guys will mention film projects that are in the works in your news section”

“The Inventor is our first jump into the realm of short narrative film. It’s a story exploring the fine line between identity and insanity, and we need your help in bringing it to life. Set in a mental institute, one new patient wakes to find himself surrounded by men who believe themselves to be great men of history. While wrestling with his new reality, and the multiple interpretations of reality surrounding him, this patient begins to make sense of his own imprisonment through the friendship of an inmate claiming to be Thomas Edison.

The project has been filmed, but we have a lot of expenses to cover and that’s where you come in. We need your help so we can finish editing and begin submitting the film to festivals. Your support will help us accomplish our goal of finishing this by summer’s end. We’ve had a lot of people donate their time and hard work so far, and we’d like to bring you into our creative family by giving you the opportunity to give. We have several different incentives for your support, and we’re greatly thankful for your desire to be a part of this project.”

And here's the trailer:

So, if you like the trailer (and I sure do) and would like to know more about the movie or to help support the movie, run over to their site and give them some support!

(Photo credit: snap from the trailer)



  1. Humphry Davy in must have felt this way when Edison took the credit for his invention,fitting line for a guy in a mental institution,this is well made,this is how i feel and look at work most days,i can empathize with his frustration,well made,well shot.

  2. The cinematography is realllly good…. but the script is trying to come off intense yet the dialogue sounds really cliche and forced. I suggest the people find another script!

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