stillmotion’s guide to lenses for weddings and events

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For those of you doing weddings and events and wondering which lenses are best for certain situations – well, our planet5D friends StillMotion have just the quick tutorial for you! “stillmotion's guide to lenses for weddings and events // a cinema caravan tutorial” is shown below. Tho only 5 minutes, it is packed with info and I can imagine that Patrick Moreau is filling the Canon Cinema Caravans with tons more like this!

Redrock Micro

stillmotion's guide to lenses for weddings and events // a cinema caravan tutorial from stillmotion on Vimeo.

thanks to all of our amazing sponsors that have made this trip possible and that have brought this tutorial to you. we have plenty more to come.

first and foremost, thanks to canon live learning for making all of this possible (the bus and all). thanks to manfrotto for being so kind in providing 16 monopods plus tons more gear. thanks to cinevate for the shoulder rigs and atlas camera sliders. thanks to zacuto for the z-finders and DSLR rig. thanks to tiffen/lowl/steadicam for all of their lighting and stabilization support.

we setup for our first workshop tonight and it almost resembled the show floor of BH at times.

let us know what you think. we are happy to answer any questions and we look forward to hitting the road and shooting our next tutorial in chicago.


Note!!!! There are quite a few more of the Cinema Caravan meetings – you can see them on the planet5D Event Calendar (see also the side bar on the right). You really should go!

(Photo credit: snap from the video)



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