Pop Photo interviews Canon EOS 5D Mark II photographer

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Popular Photography selected friend of planet5D David Harry Stewart for an interview called “Pro DSLR Video Tips from David Harry Stewart” – please give it a read.

Redrock Micro

Here's the intro and first question from the Pop Photo article

“Commercial and editorial photographer David Harry Stewart (www.dhstewart.com) is one of the many pro shooters to take up DSLR video. Take a look at his short, Asia Mon Amour. For even more of his insights into the craft of photography, both still and video, visit blog1.dhstewart.com.

Q. How does shooting video differ from stills?
A. They're very different approaches. The whole point with still photography is to capture the moment when something happens. But with video you want the moment before and the moment after, too∧ then you have to chain them all together through montage. “

And David sent us this personal note about the story:

I am humbled and honored to be the featured interview in the POP Photo DSLR video issue.  What I really hope is that by reading this piece, more people will be making movies. It seems that many people are intimidated by the process, and it really does not have to be that hard. Yes, once you get into splitting feeds, video villages, follow focus motors and the lot, it can be complex. But you can make a very nice professional quality movie with these little cameras without all that. This is my message in the interview, just point the camera and shoot. Its not so hard. Isn’t that how we started taking photos?

I owe a huge debt to my teachers that I know personally or through the web. planet5D, Shane Hurlbut, ProLost, Philip Bloom, Chase Jarvis and Alexx Henry among others.  I hope that I am able to help inspire people to create, and to help demystify what can be a scary world to someone moving from stills to motion.  There is so much to making a coherent motion piece, but the hard part should not be the gear.  The effort should go into the story telling, the weaving of the edit, the use of sound, the dance of the camera and the subject.  This is where the hard work should go, and it is my hope that is exactly what the invention of the DSLR will do.  As my friend Jeff Hirsch says ” It is like springtime all over again”. How many times in your life do you get the chance to re-invent yourself? This is a wonderful moment, and I am so thrilled to be engaged in it.

Please have a read: Pro DSLR Video Tips from David Harry Stewart

(Photo credit: snap from Pop Photo home page)



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