Nikon rumor: new D3100 on the horizon?

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For some of you who are following the HDSLR revolution that might be Nikon fans, this rumor just posted over on might just float your boat – and for you Canon fans, it might please you as well, because competition after all helps drive innovation. The rumor of this new HDSLR from Nikon might just have a few tidbits for the Canon fans (assuming Canon plays the feature matching game)…

Redrock Micro


“Rumors about a new entry level DSLR between the Nikon D3000 and the D5000 started few months ago. This new camera will not be called D4000 as previously expected, but Nikon D3100.

This is a break down of the main specs/features:

  • continuous AF in video mode/live view (yes, that’s right – it seems that the continuous AF I mention earlier today will first be introduced in the upcoming Nikon D3100)
  • new AF points configuration which should cover a very large portion of the viewfinder. Total of 11 or 12 AF points.
  • 10 MP CMOS sensor
  • HD video: 1080p/24 and 720p 30/24!
  • AVCHD video codec
  • In camera video editing capabilities
  • 3fps (same as D3000)
  • will be sold in a kit with the 18-55mm lens
  • expected announcement in “few weeks”
  • no swivel display”

So, (assuming their specs turn out to be true – and they rate their post at 99% so they're pretty darn confident), the stressing of the continuous autofocus in video mode could be a real treat for some. Now, the purist videographer will say that all video should be shot in full manual – including focus. But for some, the idea of not having autofocus in video mode has put them off of the idea of using video on the Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews) and the other Canon HDSLRs.

After all, one of the big knocks against the Canon 5D2 is the autofocus… does nikon push Canon's button with their new continuous AF and new AF point configuration???

And, if true, we're glad to see that Nikon is finally getting to 1080p and 24fps.

This appears to be ‘entry level' so it is maybe just the start of a whole round of new Nikons with more movie features.

We're eagerly awaiting the excitement of new hardware all around… don't forget that Canon's got the Canon EXPO coming up in September!

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  1. The two big issues with Nikon are 1) video quality and 2) measly recording time of 5 minutes.
    Until that changes they won’t rock the boat.

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