Nikon plans “new concept” DSLR possibly this fiscal year

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Bloomberg is reporting that Nikon President Makoto Kimura stated in an interview that they will be releasing a “new concept” DSLR possibly as early as this fiscal year. We've been wondering what Nikon was up to since their HDSLR cameras all still only shoot 720p and we're thinking they're behind the curve. But maybe they're planning to leapfrog what Canon currently has on the market? The next few years will be interesting!

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From Bloomberg:

“The “new concept” model will probably have an enhanced function for video recording and may adopt the so-called mirrorless structure, Kimura said in an interview today in Tokyo. “It could be any time this fiscal year or the following year, as new models are starting to sell,” he said, declining to specify when the product will be available.”

Mirrorless cameras (also called “electronic viewfinder interchangeable lens (EVIL)” – tho this generally refers to a class of cameras slightly below the HDSLR category) may be the next ‘rage' in HDSLR technology. After all, the Canon HDSLRs only have a mirror to handle the stills side of the body (not to say that is a bad thing! LOL). The cameras do have the capability to shoot stills in ‘live view' mode, but these images are also subject to all of the issues of the video side – ie: rolling shutter (if the camera and/or the subject are moving). The ability to remove all of the encumbrances (if you want to call them that) of the shutter and re-directing the image thru the penta-prism to get it to the viewfinder can make the body of the camera much smaller. Just have a look at the Sony NEX-5 as an example! Small body with interchangeable lenses makes the EVIL category appealing. After all, without the shutter etc., all you've got is a sensor, a mount, a processor, a battery, and an LCD… this makes for a much smaller package.

Interestingly, I read this over on NikonRumors the other day... in the Q & A session for Nikon’s medium term management plan, when asked about potential mirrorless cameras, this was said:

“Q: What can you tell us about the new-generation digital cameras?
A: Although we considered a variety of so-called mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras for the digital SLR camera market, we discern the appropriate timing for the launch of our new-generation digital cameras based on the direction of the market demand.”

That's kind of ambiguous isn't it? It sure doesn't commit to anything, but doesn't say they're not discounting it either.

Also interesting is that in Japan (and note, tho many sites have gotten all excited about this news, it is only Japan, not world wide), Nikon has reportedly taken the #1 spot in terms of market sales.

As I said… it should be an interesting couple of years coming up! What do you think Nikon's up to? Sound off in the comments below!

[Sources: note, we've seen several sources that finally led us to the Bloomberg story – the first I saw was photonewstoday]

(Photo credit: snap from the Nikon site)


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