More from Yahoo!, the Canon EOS 5D Mark II and the World Cup

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You'll recall that a couple of weeks ago we first reported that Yahoo! is using several Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews) with their on site reporters in South Africa to report on the World Cup. Today, we bring you another post from Yahoo! reporter Ricky Montalvo where he gives us some tips on how well the 5D2 has worked for their team.

Redrock Micro

With just a few days left on our 5 week video assignment here in Johannesburg we have happy to have had numerous opportunities to shoot w/ the Canon 5D.

We've produced over 100 videos, both in studio and on the field – with a majority of those shoots shot exclusively with the 5D. Our crew had 2 cameras with a series of lenses (see previous Planet 5D blog post) and a Kessler pocket dolly. I won't go into advantages/disadvantages because I think it's been said many times over. However, I will give details into why we feel that these cameras serve as great ENG tools.

The Makarapa Maker from ricky montalvo on Vimeo.

A Lekarapa (plural makarapa) is a hand-cut and hand painted hard hat worn by sports fans. I had the privilege of meeting the man behind the hat: Alfred Baloyi.

We're media, we're not media

We had limited access through FIFA, i.e. the video team wasn't recognized as media and therefor could not get credentialed. Ironically, our World Cup coverage is 50/50 written word and video and was ranked #1 for online coverage, beating out FIFA and ESPN. The 5D's allowed us to gain access into areas where we would have been denied the ability to shoot video had we had our broadcast cameras. Following the strict rules of FIFA of shooting the games, we simply used our cameras to tape fan reaction and segments as long as we didn't tape any of the actual game play. The size of the cameras also didn't arouse any suspicion among the South African security.

Quality vs Quantity

We used the 5D's predominantly for our feature segments and less so for our taped standups. However, the more we got used to the workflow and the look we decided to use them as much as possible. The lens packages gave us some great latitude for blowing out the backgrounds and giving our elements a more professional film look than we could get with our normal Panasonic HVX packages.


With the web, we have a bit of leeway and didn't need to rely on a sound man for our clips. We used Sennheiser mics and in extremely loud (vuvuzela, crazy fans etc) we set the audio to manual. Otherwise, Auto (don't gasp!) was actually fine in most conditions.

Overall, I will be advocating the use the Canon 5D as much as possible in our field shoots and feature segments. We've been testing it in other areas of our media sites. Check out for our new series “Second Act”.

And I leave you with this video:
Pedal Joe:


Ricky, our thanks to you actually! It has been a pleasure learning how well the Canon EOS 5D Mark II is working for you and Yahoo!

(Photo credit: snap from the video)


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