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Every now and then, it helps to remind folks about some of the features of planet5D – besides all of the amazing things we're posting here in the blog, there's the planet5D Cinema, and the planet5D Review site… but I think one of the coolest features is kind of hidden. With a simple click and typing a few characters of your email address, you can have all of the HDSLR news from the planet5D blog sent to your email inbox once a day! Over 5100 of you are now on our list and reading the news over your morning breakfast (or when ever feedburner sends it to you in your time zone ha). And we don't share your email address with anyone!

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please help me stay away from a day job!

And, please don't forget that we're clothing and feeding my wife and children purely from the income we receive from planet5D. Many people tell me they're afraid of using affiliate links because they think it will cost them more, but in fact, it costs you nothing extra to use affiliate links. The vendor pays me a small commission to bring them visitors when they purchase something and they don't add any extra fees.

So, it would really help if next time you are planning on buying something from Amazon (even if it is music, books, clothing, diapers, food, etc), or B&H, or Adorama that you come to planet5D and click on one of the affiliate links to take you over to their site so I could get a tiny commission from your purchase! I also am an affiliate for the DVDs on the training page and for pluraleyes so if you plan to buy those, please come back thru the planet5D links instead of buying them directly?

You can also get to many of the affiliates thru the planet5D Review site – and please don't forget to add your product reviews over there – it will help planet5D as well as other buyers make their decisions.



  1. It’s cool what you’re doin’, but if posting one or two messages every two or four days earns you not to have a day-job.. well heck then nobody should work anymore.

    1. Author

      Davis, I won’t nitpick your comment (tho I could)… but if you want to try blogging, I’d be happy to set up a blog for you so you could see how easy it is – but you didn’t leave your email address…

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