Canon HDSLR internal mic wind noise? Not any more!

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Zack McTee @sceneblock (friend of planet5D – remember he did the “Billy Cash” Elvis movie?) sent us his latest cool device – a ‘dead cat' windsock for the Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews) and all the other Canon HDSLRs. This is a simple DIY solution for those times where you maybe don't have an external mic like the Zoom H4n (reviews) and you just want some decent audio using your camera's internal mic.

Redrock Micro

From Zack's post:

“One of the largest problems with the microphones on HDSLRs is their sensitivity to wind. Even the slightest air passing by the flat area of the microphone will cause that nasty wind noise that we all know and hate. Well, today I came up with a solution” – skip over to his post to see all the details, but here's a quick sample of the results!”

5D Mark II Wind Muff from Zack McTee on Vimeo.

visit ( for more information on this incredibly easy DIY 5D Mark II Windmuff

(Photo credit: snap from Zack's post)


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