Canon EOS 5D Mark II in the Beijing hutongs on the back of a bike

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Putting a Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews) on the back of a bike and shooting a movie implies lots of vibration and bouncy output, but this video shows that with Final Cut Pro's smooth camera filter, it can be done! This video is interesting (tho sometimes a bit tedious – but that's because it was filmed with a specific intent (read the story below)) because indeed it does give a little glimpse into the life of others outside my own country. It also reminds me that we drive our cars way too much – and ride our bikes too little.

Redrock Micro

From the post where I found this video… “Although a hutong 胡同 in Chinese literally means “small alley” and specifically refers to the streets of Beijing, the word has much more meaning than that here. It refers to a lifestyle, home style and community unique to China. Like the structures you see above, homes are built directly into each other.”

“This digital tour of Beijing’s ancient alleys (“hutongs”) was shot with a Canon EF 14mm f/2.8 L II USM, Canon 5D Mark II and filtered with a Final Cut Pro SmoothCam Filter. The video was used as a visual background (on loop) for the Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Agency’s “Do you hutong? 看!胡同” fundraiser and event aimed at helping to preserve Beijing’s culture that lives within the second ring.

The video has no sound. At the event the loop was played behind a band on a big screen. Although its very simple, for those not in Beijing, its is a chance to see an average day in Beijing’s old city. Some of this footage will also be used as b-roll in a larger project I’m working on about this foundation. Look out for that video in the upcoming weeks.”

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