Vimeo contest and Vimeo Offline event at Spin NYC

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Ok, why the sudden interest in Vimeo? Well, i was chatting with Zack McTee in the blog chat (see lower right) and we were talking about new stuff and he mentioned a new contest that Vimeo is having for videos hosted there (read more about it below). And, to top it off, I got an email from Zack saying he had been selected to be the featured filmmaker for the Vimeo Offline event at Spin NYC this coming Tuesday and they will be screening his “Billy Cash” documentary (tho we put it on planet5D Cinema yesterday, you can see the movie below too). Congratulations Zack! So if you're in New York, you can see a Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews) movie shown on a big screen.

Redrock Micro

Billy Cash – Live In Vegas from Zack McTee on Vimeo.

**for best playback, click “play” and then “pause” and let the the video load to its entirety**

After spending 2 days at NAB listening to everybody talk about how great their cameras are, I decided I'd seen all of the 3D and DSLR cameras I could stand. I was plenty inspired by seeing capability of the camera I was carrying in my backpack, and decided I'd spend the next day actually shooting something. That night I went to Karaoke with some friends and the minute I met the Karaoke host I knew I had to do a documentary with him.

This was all sort of last minute, and I didn't really go to Vegas planning on shooting anything, but I'm happy I had my camera and that I got the chance to meet Billy Cash.

If you're ever in Vegas, head over to Zingers (“) and say hello Billy.


The Vimeo Awards:

“In case you missed it, we recently announced the first-ever Vimeo Festival and Awards to celebrate and honor the best of creative online video. With the unprecedented level of creativity, skill and innovation coming from online video today, it's high time to give back to the independent creators who choose the Internet to distribute and to share their work through sites like Vimeo.

This being the first year of the the Festival and Awards, we are going all out. We have secured awesome judges to evaluate your work in a variety of categories and a jam-packed two day festival of events and education to let everyone join in on the fun. An Awards show will culminate the Festival in an entertaining evening of celebration, honoring the individual category winners. Award winners will be heavily promoted on Vimeo and the winner of the Best Video award across all categories will win a $25,000 grant to produce new work as well. That's a lot of moolah, because we're committed to supporting the creative community, and want to do our part to enable exciting new artists.”

They've got a pretty impressive list of judges for the contest and a good bit of cash for winners so pop over to the Vimeo Awards site and check it out!

(Photo credit: snap from the “Billy Cash” video)



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